Perfume Questionnaire 香水调查问卷

Age 年龄
Gender 性别
Do you use perfume?  你平时用香水吗?
If yes, how often do you use perfume? 你多长时间用一次香水?
Which brand do you use? 你都使用哪些牌子的香水?
Do you buy perfume for gifts to your friends? 你会送给你的朋友香水吗?
Do you think perfume is so strong? 你认为香水的味道浓吗?
Do you think people should wear perfume? 你认为人们需要用香水吗?
Do you think perfume advertising affect people’s consumer behaviors? 你会受香水广告的影响购买香水吗?
Do you like luxury perfume characteristics need to change to cater to local Chinese consumers? Or should they retain their traditional appeal?