ActiveX Shanghai Survey

ActiveX is rooted in our company mission. It's what we do. It's who we are. Though our roots were cultivated in sweat, our culture is engaging, enriching, educating, and encouraging employees with more diverse opportunities for a happier, healthier life.

To help you accomplish the things you love, want and need to do, ActiveX is working on different fitness workouts and programs in the workdays and weekends, as always, everything we're creating is totally open to all. Before getting the program rolling, we need some of your information and suggestions. Please take a few minutes to finish this short survey.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to talk to Wayne Zhu or Eric Ma.
请问你是? (Please identify your gender?)
你感兴趣的活动类型? (Your favorite activities?) [Multiple Choice] 【多选题】
你希望通过参加ActiveX能帮助你: (What do you expect from ActiveX?) [Multiple Choice] 【多选题】
你希望每周能有几次ActiveX的活动时间? (How frequent you would like to join ActiveX workouts in weekdays?)
请在此输入问题标题你希望ActiveX workout设定在哪天比较合适? (Which day you would like ActiveX Workout to be set on?) [Multiple Choice] 【多选题】
如果周末有活动,你愿意参加吗? (Would you like to attend if there are activities at the weekend?)
下面哪个时段对你来说比较适合参加ActiveX? (Which time period suit you best to attend the ActiveX workout?)
除了以上运动类的活动,你还希望开展什么? (Except above sports activities, what else you are interested in?) [Multiple Choice] 【多选题】
(ActiveX will set up the Employee Bike Purchase Program, we will contact bicycle vendors searching for the some good deals. The employee will be able to pay the bicycle by installment with no interest. Here is the initial survey and details will be released shortly. Please let us know whether you would like to join this program? The bicycle could be used for training, casual, fun or work...)
对于在上海办公室开展ActiveX,你有什么建议或想法,欢迎和我们分享. (For the ActiveX in Shanghai office, do you have any advice or Suggestions? Please share with us.)