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MAYE是一个创立于上海的专业箱包品牌。 MAYE麻叶’是中文意思里的两个单词,‘麻’代表朴素、雅致的美学;‘叶’代表简单、有灵性的元素,将其结合即是麻叶所想呈现出还原的感觉。品牌主要分为商务、旅行、休闲三个部分。产品设计注重简洁、质朴、自然,面料选材和做工细节。致力于将使用简化,让人们跟更加方便并舒适地使用产品是MAYE的设计理念。

MAYE is a handbag brand from Shanghai. The name, MAYE Life, is from its Chinese Pinyin “Ma Ye(麻叶)”. MAYE, therefore, aims to represent Originality, Rusticity, and the Beauty of Practicality since the founding. Ultimately, MAYE Life aims to offer all its users the Beauty of Originality, Rusticity and Practicality.  
MAYE Life has three collections which are M Business, M Travel, and M Life. MAYE pays much attention to the simplicity, rusticity and delicacy in material selection and workmanship. Originality and Simplism is MAYE Life’s core design concept. 


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