Foreign-Chinese Marriage Questionnaire 涉外婚姻问卷

This survey is one part of research related to foreign-Chinese marriages and relationships. The researcher conducting this research is Aliza Warwick of Peking University's Yenching Academy. She can be contacted via email at or via wechat at aliza23.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your interest and time. 

此问卷是中外婚姻研究项目的一部分。 此项目研究人员为Aliza Warwick (中文名叫王黎飒),来自北京大学燕京学堂。您可以随时通过电子邮件或通过微信aliza23与她联系。本项问卷预计需要10分钟完成。谢谢您的支持与关注。
To ensure your consent in this survey and allow me to use the results of it in my research, please take a moment to read and respond to the below. 

This questionnaire is part of research for my Master's degree thesis at Peking University. I am studying marriages between foreigners (non-Chinese nationals) and Chinese citizens in mainland China, especially focusing on marriages between foreign women and Chinese men.  

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and you may choose not to fill out the survey or stop filling out the survey at any point.

All of the responses received will be treated anonymously and the results of the survey will be aggregated (rather than used individually). Nothing that is able to identify individuals will be made public, and the data resulting from the survey will not be shared with anyone except the researcher. 


本调查问卷是我北京大学读硕士毕业论文的一部分。 我正在研究在中国大陆的外国人(非中国公民)和中国公民之间的婚姻,特别是关注外国妇女和中国男性之间的婚姻。


所有收到的答复都将被匿名处理,调查结果将汇总使用(而不是单独使用)。 任何能够识别个人的内容都不会被公开,调查产生的数据将不会与除研究人员之外的任何人共享。