Freshman Helper/Officer Registration Form for The Postgraduate Student Association of CUHK


1. English Name 英文姓名*
e.g. Ming WONG

2. Chinese Name 中文姓名*
e.g. 王小明 If you do not have Chinese name, you may leave it blank. 如無中文名,此處可不填。
3. Student ID Number (SID) 學生證號*
Please input 10 digit student ID number. 請提供十位元數位學生證號。
4. Contact Email 聯繫電郵*
CUPSA will respond to your application via email. 研究生會將會通過郵件回應你的申請。
5. Faculty 學院*
Please select your faculty. 請選擇閣下所屬的學院。
6. Award Type 進修學位*
Please select your department/programme. 請選擇閣下所屬的學系/專業。
7. Department / Programme 學系、專業*
8. Expected time of graduation. 預期畢業時間*
Please select your expected time of graduation. 請提供閣下預期畢業時間。
9. Have you paid 90 HKD to be a basic member of CUPSA? 是否已交會費90元港幣成為基本會員?*
If you would like to use bank transfer, please refer to the webpage , and make payment to the paypal account: Remember to provide your contact information via paypal when you make the payment. 如果你想使用網上支付,請參閱網頁 。請通過網上支付到研究生會的Paypal帳戶。請提供你的聯絡信息(電郵、電話)在Paypal支付表單上。
10. Gender 性別*
11. Mobile Phone Number 聯繫電話*
CUPSA officers may contact you via mobile for interview. 研究生會可通過電話聯絡你進行面試。
12. We-chat ID 微信賬號*
CUPSA officers may contact you via We-chat for interview. 研究生會可通過微信聯絡你進行面試。
13. QQ ID QQ 賬號
CUPSA officers may contact you via QQ for interview. 研究生會可通過QQ聯絡你進行面試。
14. Undergraduate University 本科院校名稱*
Please provide the name of your undergraduate university. 請提供你本科院校的名稱。
15. Hometown 家鄉*
Where are you from? Example: Hong Kong, New York, Beijing. 你來自哪裡?例如:香港,北京,上海。
16. Experiences in Organizing Activities 組織活動的相關經驗*
Please discribe your experiences, especially during your undergraduate study, in organizing event or student activities. Please provide details such as your position, what tasks you got involved, and what achievements you got. 請提供你組織活動的相關經驗(特別是本科階段),並提供詳情,如職責、涉及的工作、成就等。
17. Experiences in Student Associations 學生社團的相關經驗*
Have you acted as officers in student associations before? If so, what was your position? Please briefly describe your experience concerned. 你是否大學階段擔任過學生社團的幹事?若有,請提供詳情,如職務、相關經驗等。
18. Experiences in Work 工作經驗*
Do you have any work experience? If so, please briefly describe your work and provide the company name. 你是否有任何工作經驗?若有,請提供詳情,如公司職務、公司名稱等。
19. Related Skills 相關技能* 【多選題】
Please select the skills you have. 請選擇你所擁有的技能。
20. Expectation 期望*
Why would you like to join CUPSA? What do you expect to achieve/gain? 為何要加入研究生會?成為研究生會幹事,你期望能收穫什麼?
21. Please choose your first preference of departments that you would like to join. 請選擇你第一志願加入的部門。

President /Vice President Assistant: Assist President, Internal Vice President, External Vice President andGeneral Vice President to deal with CUPSA affairs, and deal with matters withPresidents directly. Wise, responsive and accustomed to fast-paced workingcondition is required. Excellent English writing skills (or translationcapability) and Chinese writing skills, which should be natural withoutmainland bureaucratic tone, andhave access to use Gmail is also required. Have nough time and quickresponse to email, telephone, we-chat and QQ, and have abundant experience inteam management. Good at summing up and distinguishing priority and easy tocommunicate. Graphic design skills are preferred.

Departmentof TreasureProvide essential financial support of the daily operation of CUPSA; protectthe legitimate interest of all the postgraduates; responsible for establishinga impeccable financial regulation and operating conditions of all the modulesin Treasure’s Department.

Departmentof SecretaryResponsible for managing issues, such as meeting minutes, meeting informationcollation and preservation; officers and members of management information;events (such as photos, planning case, important e-mail, etc.) to collect,collate and archive, as well as writing press releases; responsible for theformulation of a summary and evaluation system; organizing internaldepartments gatherings.

Departmentof Inter-Culture CommunicationFacilitate communicationamong students of different ethnicities on campus; promote cross-boundary interactions; push formulticultural awareness by spearhead intercultural events and parties incollaboration with other societies on campus; reinforce campus-cooperation withfellow students of different backgrounds; manage the Facebook page to answer theinquiries of prospective international candidates applying to CUHK.

Departmentof AdministrationResponsible for assistingother departments in CUPSA in planning and organizing activities like booking the sites; CUPSA officeand suppliesmanagement, including purchasing, transporting and organizing supplies, and cleaningthe office, etc.

Departmentof PublicityDesign the image of CUPSA, to make and execute the promotion scheme.

Departmentof Public RelationResponsible for external and internal public affairs of CUPSA, e.g. to establish and maintain the relationship with student organizations, community groups and sponsors as well as the school department, Institute members and all graduate students.

Departmentof Career ServiceSolve the problems ofpostgraduates’ employment; hold activities such as experience-sharing meetings, mockinterviews, company visit, etc.; collect and publish the employment informationfor postgraduate students from CUHK.

Departmentof University AffairsRepresenting CUPSA to  participate in  the  management of school  issues, approach with  different kinds of  school  apartments, deal  with complaints and  suggestions  from postgraduate students, supervise  the  issues of postgraduate  schools, preserve  the rights of postgraduate students.

Departmentof Management Committee for CUPSA Affiliated Clubs and Societies: In charge of monitoring, coordinating and managing the association's affiliatedsocieties and clubs,focuses on building the bridge between CUPSA and affiliated communities, responsible for theorganizational management, activities assessment, resources allocation anddaily routines of the affiliated clubs.

Department of IT: Managing the online social-media of CUPSA, including design and edit, online publicity, information summary & released;  in charge of online technical support, mainly contain the maintenance of website of CUPSA; taking part in the IT affair of CUHK includes Student Notebook Program.









校務處:代表研會參與管理學校事務的運作,與校內各部門接洽,處理研究生投訴與意見,同時 監督學校所以涉及研究生利益的事物,以維護研究生權益。



22. Please choose your second preference of departments that you would like to join. 請選擇你第二志願加入的部門。
23. I agree to the below policy statement. 我同意以下收集個人資料聲明。*
                                      CUPSA Personal Information Collection Statement
Provision of personal data is necessary for processing and follow up on the request/enquiry submitted by you. The information collected from you will be used for the purposes of: authenticating your eligibility to use CUPSA resources and services, processing your request, answering your enquiry and inform you with activity intended for CUHK postgraduates. The submission of personal data is voluntary. However, insufficient personal data may prevent CUPSA from providing a required service or answering an enquiry. It is possible that any information submitted electronically could be observed by a third party in transit. CUPSA shall not be liable for any loss or damage to you as a result of this. Information we collect about you is strictly confidential. Data may be provided to CUPSA for administrative and promotional purposes. We will not disclose any personal information provided by you to any external bodies or organizations unless you have been consulted or we are required to do so by law. You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you held by CUPSA. We may charge you an administration fee for accessing the information. If you wish to access or correct your personal data held by CUPSA, please submit a request to

香港中文大學研究生會 收集個人資料聲明 
    本網頁收集閣下的個人資料,以處理及跟進閣下提交的申請或查詢。 本網頁所收集個人資料將作以下用途:確認閣下的身份,處理閣下的申請,回答閣下的查詢,發佈研究生活動資訊,發佈研究生會聲明 提供個人資料純屬自願性質。在個人資料不足夠的情況下, 研究生會不能為閣下提供所需服務或作出回應。 使用者以電子方式傳遞的資料,有機會在過程中被第三者竊取。使用者如因此引致損失,研究生會將不會負責。 所收集得的個人資料將會絕對保密。除非獲得資料當事人同意或在法律強制下,否則本網頁不會向外界機構或團體披露當事人在作出申請或查詢時所提供的任何個人資料。 資料當事人有權查閱及更正本網頁持有其個人的資料。研究生會或會在提供有關資料前收取費用。 如欲查閱或更改研究生會所持有閣下的個人資料,請電郵至