ICRA 2019 RM AI Challenge Survey

For teams from Overseas, please fill it in English.
For teams from Mainland China, please fill it in Chinese. 国内队伍请用中文作答。
* 1. university 学校
* 2. Team 队伍
* 3. Name 填写人
* 4. Position 职位
* 5. Which year of your team in participating this challenge? 这是你队伍第几年参赛?
* 6. What is the reason your team joined this challenge? 你们队伍今年为什么想报名参赛? 【多选题】
* 7. How much funding of your team to join this challenge this year (please add currency)? 你们队伍今年有多少资金用于参加这个比赛(请注明币种)?
* 8. Where did your funding come from? percentage? 你队伍的资金来自于哪里?百分比多少? 【多选题】
* 9. Which one do you think is the most important reason to buy AI robots? 你认为购买AI机器人最大的吸引力是什么?
* 10. What can be improved for this year's rules, such as canceling the supply station? What technical directions or functions do you expect to appear or be encouraged in the rules? 对今年的规则觉得哪些地方可以改进,例如取消补给站?你更期待哪些技术方向或者功能在规则方面的出现?
* 11. What confusing or unsolvable problems have you encountered during the use of the referee system? 在裁判系统使用过程中,遇到过哪些难以解决的问题?
* 12. What mechanical structures and interface designs do you think can be improved during the use of the entire robot platform, and what problems have you encountered? 在整个机器人平台的使用过程中,你认为哪些机械结构和接口设计可以改进,还遇到过哪些问题?
* 13. In addition to the challenge, what are your expectations for the use of this platform, and what features need to be added to the current hardware and software? 除了挑战赛外,你对这个平台还有什么使用的期望,目前软硬件方面还需要增加哪些功能?
* 14. In this challenge, what kind of sensors and computing device you used? what kind of problem has occurred in use? 在比赛中你用了什么类型的传感器和计算设备,使用中出现了怎样的问题?
* 15. In the course of the Montreal competition, what factors are different from the practice at school, which leads to the lack of ability your team should have? What any other kind of convenience do you think the official should provide during the competition? 在蒙特利尔比赛过程中,有哪些因素与学校内备赛是不同的而导致没有发挥应有的水平,你认为比赛过程中官方还需要提供哪些便利?
* 16. What documents do you think need improvement, or what documents do you think are difficult for you to read? 有哪些文档你认为需要改进,或者你认为那些文档让你很难读懂?
* 17. Do you have any other suggestions or problems for the AI Challenge? 你还有对于比赛的什么其他建议或问题吗?
* 18. Would your team like to register the AI challenge next year? 你的队伍明年还会继续参赛吗?