NanoLN--Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

Dear customer,
In order to offer you better service and make our quality match your needs, we make this form to survey customer satisfaction towards our product and service. Please choose the options that suits you the best, it would only take you about 2 minutes. Thank you for your cooperation! Your advice and suggestions will be highly appreciated! Best Wishes!
The company or institute that you working in
What kind of product (or service) have you purchased
Quality of our product (or service)
Performance of the product
Problem during using our product? ( if there is, please tell us)
Lead time
Product packaging
Pre-sale service
After-sales service and complaint handling
Would you purchase NANOLN product again?
Would you recommend NANOLN product to others?
Do you have other suppliers offering the same product?
Do you need other related services? 【多选题】
Any suggestions on our product and service would be appreciated! Thank you very much!