What is your ideal test strip to test the antibiotics residue in milk?

A investigation to rapid test strip product.
Where are you from? (eg, Paris, France)
What kind of antibiotics do you want to test in dairy milk testing? 【Please choose 1-19 items】
What combination of product testing would you like?
Existing combination: 
1) Combo Test:
BT Combo Test for (Beta-lactams + Tetracyclines)
BCex Combo Test for (Beta-lactams + Cefalexin)
LT Combo Test for (Lincomycin + Timicosin)
KG Combo Test for (Kanamycin + Gentamicin)
NF Combo Test for (Neomycin + Florfenicol)
FE Combo Test for (Fluroquinolones + Erythromycin)
TT Combo Test for (Tilmicosin + Tylosin)

2) 3-in-1 TriTest
BTS TriTest for (Beta-lactams + Tetracyclines + Sulfonamides)
BTM1 TriTest for (Beta-lactams + Tetracyclines + Aflatoxin M1)
BTM TriTest for (Beta-lactams + Tetracyclines + Macrolides)
BTCex TriTest for (Beta-lactams + Tetracyclines + Cefalexin)
LQT TriTest for (Lincomycin + Quinolones + Tylosin)
SLN TriTest for (Streptomycin + Lincomycin + Neomycin)
KEL TriTest for (Kanamycin + Erythromycin + Lincomycin)
Myco3 TriTest for (AFB1 + ZEN + DON)

3) 4-in-1 QuaTest
BTSC QuaTest for (Beat-lactams + Tetracyclines + CAP + Streptomycin)
QMLE QuaTest for (Quinolones + Macrolides + Lincomycin + Erythromycin)
KGNS QuaTest for (Kanamycin + Gentamicin + Neomycin + Streptomycin)
BTSQ QuaTest for (Beta-lactams + Tetracyclines + Sulfonamides + Quinolones)
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