Survey of AFEC-X 2016 students

Hellooo everyone, how are you guys doing !

Three years ago,  you met and stayed together for 6 weeks in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) because of the "Advanced Fieldcourse in Ecology and Conservation, XTBG". That was an unforgettable experience, I hope! And I also hope AFEC-X 2016 was a good start for your career in ecology and conservation sciences because that was why XTBG started this annual international training program.

How time flies! Now AFEC-X has entered its second decade. Its time to look back, to say "Hi" to eveyone, to see what and how are you doing, and to get your opinions to make AFEC-X better in future together.

We prepared 29 questions to talk with you, these question covers "Your current career status", "The usefulness of AFEC-X to you and your suggestions", "Your communication with your AFEC-X fellows and instructors", and "What AFEC-X can learn from other comprehensive long-period course".

Please spend some time on this communication between you and XTBG, and please make sure your answers are from your heart. 

We will remove all of your personal information before doing analysis or share the results.

Yours sincerely!
Jingxin Liu

Your basic information
Please find yourself from the list (the affiliation is when your attended AFEC-X)
if there are incorrect information, please email
if you notice someone is missing from the list, please also email
Please choose the one best describe your current work 【Multiple】
About your current career (or the career you will take soon)
affiliation, position, working area, etc.)

if you are working for more organization, please just fill in the major one.
Name of your affiliation
Website of your affiliation
Your position
Your working/research area
Your common email address
The usefulness of AFEC-X to you and your suggestions
In general, how important the AFEC-X experience was to your career development?
Please score each of the potential benefits you got from AFEC-X
(The higher the score, the more benefits you got)
(If you wan to give an aspect 0 score,
you have to move the bar to any score then move it back to 0)
Gained basic knowledge of the field
Broadened my horizon
Laid foundation for my future work
A publication of the group project
Fostered collaboration with other participants/instrctors
Enrolled as a student or Post Doc of one of the instructors
Promoted confidence in doing research
Please score the components of AFEC-X
according to the usefulness to your career after the course
(The higher the score, the more useful for you)
(If you wan to give an aspect 0 score,
you have to move the bar to any score then move it back to 0)
Lectures and practices
Field trip
Students' own work presentation
Group project
Course symposium
What components do you recommend to add to the current course structure, why?
Recommended components
What do you suggest to remove from the current course structure, why? 【Multiple】
Please score the social activities of AFEC-X
(The higher the score, the stronger you liked it)
(If you wan to give an aspect 0 score,
you have to move the bar to any score then move it back to 0)
Self Introductions
XTBG Garden Tour
Dai food in Village
BBQ in Menglun town
Farewell Dinner party
Concerning the “lectures and practices”, please score the topics
according to the usefulness for you.
(The higher the score, the more useful was it for you)
(If you wan to give an aspect 0 score,
you have to move the bar to any score then move it back to 0)
The biodiversity crisis in tropical East Asia by Richard Corlett
Species distribution modelling by Alice Hughes
Lessons from the Miocene by Tao Su
Lessons from the Miocene_ lab visit by Tao Su; etc.
Tree-ring research in the tropics and subtropics by Ze-Xin Fan
Tree-ring research in the tropics and subtropics practical_lab visit by Ze-Xin Fan; etc.
Paper reading skills by Richard Corlett
Climate change: Past, Present and Future by Richard Corlett
The physics of climate change by Richard Corlett
Challenges of conservation under climate change by Richard Corlett
Introduction to the IPCC and the AR5 reports by Richard Corlett
What do the IPCC reports predict for your region? by Richard Corlett; Jing-Xin Liu
R, mechine learning, data visualization, interactive graphs and maps by Zhuang-Fang Yi
The impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems & people by Richard Corlett
The Impacts of Droughts in Tropical Forests by Richard Corlett
Will plant movements keep up with climate change by Richard Corlett
Group learning about technique on studying climate change biology by Richard Corlett; Jing-Xin Liu
Restoration, Reintroduction, and Rewilding in a Changing World by Richard Corlett
Conservation Science and practice & Redlisting of ecosystems by Alice Hughes
Invasive species and novel ecosystems by Richard Corlett
Insect sampling techniques by Akihiro Nakamura
Insect sampling techniques_practical by Akihiro Nakamura; Jing-Xin Liu
A Bigger Toolbox: Biotechnology in Biodiversity Conservation by Richard Corlett
Molecular tools for ecological studies by Wen-Bin Yu; Yu Song; Xin Yao; etc.
DNA Extraction and PCR, DNA sequencing: theory and application by Wen-Bin Yu; Yu Song; Xin Yao; etc.
DNA extraction and PCR by Wen-Bin Yu; Yu Song; Xin Yao; etc.
Canopy ecology research techniques by Liang Song
Camera traps in conservation by Richard Corlett
Set up camera traps within XTBG by Jing-Xin Liu; Wei Guo
New applications of remoting sensing in ecology and conservation by Alice Hughes
Conservation drones and smartphone apps for ecology and conservation by Jing-Xin Liu; Yun Deng
Drone demonstration by Jing-Xin Liu; Yun Deng
The application of thermal camera in ecology research by Hua Lin
Themocamera demonstration and discussion by Hua Lin
General introduction of soil ecology  by Stefanie Goldberg
Field investigates: soil sampling in rubber plantation, rainforest, and green stone forest by Stefanie Goldberg
Soil sampling process and lab visit by Ling-Ling Sh
Soil biology and nutrient ecology  by Ling-Ling Sh
Field greenhouse gas investigates: soil respiration by Stefanie Goldberg
Soil DNA experiment or plate cultivation by Ling-Ling Shi; Stefanie Goldberg; Gui Heng
Soil composition (fauna, warms) by Ling-Ling Shi
Bat ecology by Alice Hughes
Bat trapping and acoustic transects by Alice Hughes; etc.
Conservation role play by Alice Hughes; etc.
Insect ecology by Akihiro Nakamura
Insect classification in lab by Akihiro Nakamura; etc.
Animal behaviour biology by Ana Gouveia; Zhan-Qi Chen
Animal behaviour biology_practical by Ana Gouveia; Zhan-Qi Chen
CTFS plot: how to setup by Hui Chen
Vegetation survey methods by Mareike Roeder
Plant functional traits by Tristan Charles-Dominique
Plant functional traits_practical by Tristan Charles-Dominique; etc.
R statistics and experimental design by Kyle Tomlinson; Shang-Wen Xia
Ecological photography by Hui Chen
iNaturalist introduction by Guang-Yu Liu
How to find and what are good research questions? by Richard Corlett
Writing skills, Powerpoints skills, CV preparation skills by Richard Corlett; Alice Hughes
What topic(s)/techniques/methods do you suggest to be included in the future AFEC-X? Why?
(if you have more suggestions, please list them from most important to least important)
Recommended topics
Please select the group project that you did during the AFEC-X.
if your project is not in the list, please email and tell him.
Have you presented your group project in other conferences, workshops, etc. after the course? 【Multiple】
Have your group project published in a journal?
Did you recommend this course to your officemates, friends etc. 【Multiple】
Who applied and attended AFEC-X because of your recommendation?
Communication among AFEC-X fellows and instructors
How many times have you met other AFEC-X students
in conferences or other academic occasions? 【Multiple】
Have you received any kind of help from your AFEC-X fellows after the course? 【Multiple】
Have you co-authored scientific publications
after the course with your AFEC-X fellows or instructors?
Are you planning to coolaborate with your AFEC-X fellows or instructors in research?
Actions to promote the communication among AFEC-X students and instructors
Are you in the AFEC-X group on facebook nor not?
We are planning an AFEC-X alumni webpage to enhance the communication and cooperation among AFEC-X participants, please upload a word or PDF version of your newest CV here.
(file size should not be larger than 4mb)
Select the academic media account you have and tell us your account. 【Multiple】
What do you suggest to improve the communication and cooperation
among AFEC-X participants?
Other comprehensive long-period course
Could you list other local or international training programs that
as comprehensive as AFEC-X and more than a month long?
Could you tell what AFEC-X can learn from them?