Free Questionnaire of China buses

A growing number of China buses were exported from China to serve the public transit globally and were well received for their reliability and reasonable prices. China bus industry has become more and more important in the global market. It is with great pleasure that would like to invite you to participate in this survey of China buses in your local country.

Thank you in advance for your participation.
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1. The main business of your company: 【Multiple】
2. How do you know China buses products and brands?
3. Did you ever buy buses from China?
4. If Yes, Which brand? And if No, which brand do you plan to buy? (multiply choice) 【Multiple】
5. How many made-in-China buses do you have right now?
6. What reasons have contributed to your final decision to choose the bus brand from China? 【Multiple】
7. How is the overall performance of your buses purchased from China?
8. When problems occur, how did you solve it?
9. Are you satisfied with the local after-sales service of the bus maker?
10. Before making your purchases, which engine do you prefer? 【Multiple】
11. Do you have any plans to buy E-buses or related spare parts from China?
12. Do you have any suggestions for the bus maker or service provider?