Customer Survey

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Dear customer,
In order to further improve our work, and provide you with better service. Now we are sending you this customer satisfaction questionnaire. Please take your time from your busy schedule to truly fill in the questionnaire with your requirements, opinions and Suggestions on our service. We will reply to you as soon as you wish.
Thank you for your concern and support!
1. Evaluate our timeliness of service*
2. Evaluate our service attitude of sales*
3. Evaluate our Problem solving ability of sales*
4. Evaluate our Time spent in the purchase process?*
5. Evaluate our Professional level of sales*
6. Evaluate our timeliness of after sale service*
7. Evaluate our service attitude of after sale service*
8. Evaluate our Problem solving ability of sale*
9. Evaluate our Time spent of solving problems*
10. Evaluate our Professional level of sales*
11. Evaluate our performance of product service*
12. Evaluate our price*
13. Evaluate our delivery time*
14. Evaluate our Appearance & packaging*
15. Evaluate our R&D time of new product*
16. Evaluate our Technical docking& training *
17. Evaluate our awareness of brand*
18. I am (   )*
19. Where did you get to know Ginlong Solis inverters?*
20. How long have you cooperated with Ginlong Solis?*
21. Why did Ginlong Solis Inverters draw your attentions?*
22. Have you purchased inverters from other brands? Or intend to?*
23. Comments and Suggestions for improvement of the service quality and other conditions of the company:*