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香港服裝業能力需求問卷調查 (第二期)



製衣業訓練局現正為服裝業資歷架構項目進行問卷調查。本次問卷調查之目的是收集從業員對服裝業 (包含洗衣服務)所需能力的意見,以便編寫能力標準說明的能力單元。能力標準說明將為香港服裝業提供人力需求的參考標準,亦有利於提高業界的整體專業水平。




懇請您能於 2020年1月24日之前完成及提交問卷。如有任何查詢,請致電 852-22636316 或 電郵 陸先生洽。








Survey of Competency Requirements in Hong Kong Fashion Industry (Part 2)




Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) is arranging a survey for Fashion Industry Qualifications Framework (QF) Project. This survey aims to collect practitioner's opinions about competencies in fashion industry (including laundry services) so as to compile Unit of Competency (UoC) in Specification of Competency Standards (SCS). The SCS will provide a standard reference to Hong Kong fashion industry on the manpower requirement and benefit the industry by enhancing its overall professionalism.


You are welcome to participate in this online survey. There are a few working background questions for pre-qualification, and then system will generate a competency questionnaire. 


We would be much grateful if you could complete and submit this questionnaire before 24th January 2020. Should you have any query, please feel free to contact Mr. Luk via email or phone 852-22636316.


All information collected in this survey will be kept confidential and destroyed at the conclusion of the project.



All fields notated with a red asterisk(*)must be answered .



Please fill in the following survey questions.
Your participation will provide precious and useful information to competency standards of fashion industry. Thanks for your support and contribution to fashion industry!
* According to your work history in the fashion industry, please state the full job title(s) that you have hitherto held. (e.g. Technical Design Manager, Dry Clean Operator, i.e. shown in the name card)
請根據你在服裝業的工作經歷,列出曾擔任工作崗位的職銜全稱(即名片所示,如: 技術設計師, 乾洗師)
Current job title
Previous job titles (in reverse chronologically order)  
以往工作職銜 (次序以近期為先)
* According to your current job, please select relevant functional area(s) .
根據你現職的工作,請選擇相關的職能範疇。(多選題) 【Multiple】
  • (e.g. Material developer 物料開發員)
  • (e.g. Garment technician 服裝技術員, Technical designer 技術設計師 )
  • (e.g. PPC manager 服裝生產計劃和控制經理)
  • (e.g. Shop manager 店長, Shop attendant 店務員)
  • (e.g. Laundry manager 洗衣經理, Marker 執嘜員)
  • *