Founder’s Resilience Survey

How, as a founder, are you going to deal with the current crisis?
Note 1: The red asterisk (red star) on some question make the answer mandatory.
Note 2 : If you are not based in China, this survey won't be concerning you much.
1. How resilient would you rate yourself ?*
  • Not Really
  • Very
2. Which city of China are you based in ?*
If you are not in Hong Kong or Mainland China, you don't need to go any further.)
3. Do you have other offices in China or abroad ?*
  • *
4. What industry are you in?*
5. What is the name of your company ?
6. What does your company do?*
(Please describe your company's activities in a few sentences.)
7. For how many years have you been running your company ?*
8. How many employees do you have ?*
9. How confident do you think your employees are with your company being able to get back to normal within the next 60 days?*
  • Not Really
  • Very
10. During the "stay at home" period from the 3rd to the 9th of February (for those working in Mainland China), or 29th January to 7th February (for those working in Hong Kong), your employees are :* 【多选题】
(You may choose more than one answer.)
  • *
11. Yourself, during this period, you are:* 【多选题】
(You may choose more than one answer.)
  • *
12. How much do you think this crisis is (and will be) impacting your business ?*
  • Not Much
  • A Lot
13. As the founder, how confident are you about your ability going back to normal within 3 months ?*
  • Not Really
  • Very
14. For how long do you think your business will be impacted ?*
15. What are your fears about the upcoming months regarding your business activity ?*
(HR, Clients, Suppliers, Legal,... how do you feel about it ?)
16. Could you describe the negative effect this crisis is having on your business ?
(Loss in turnover, loss in clients, loss in employees,...)
17. What measures will you take to tackle the situation?*
18. How much do you think this is affecting your clients' confidence ?*
  • Not Much
  • A Lot
19. Has the coronavirus outbreak changed your view towards health insurance? Do you think health insurance is important in such crisis? *
20. Will you consider purchasing group health insurance or increasing the coverage for your staff in future ?*
21. What do you think you've done right before and is now really helping during this crisis?
(Restructure of organization? Process optimization? Internal Regulations? Financial processes? Regulations and Licenses?)
22. What would be the one piece of advice you'd like to share with someone who is also facing the crisis?
(In terms of management, customers, financial, business development,...)
23.What kind of help would you like to get to help you go through this crisis?*
(How, for example, the local government, your team, your investors, clients, suppliers, embassy, consulate, professional syndicats, technologies.... could be helping you during this period ?)
24. How confident are you in the future of your company in Mainland China or Hong Kong?*
  • Not Much
  • Very
In order to qualify your profile we will be asking more personal questions here.

We won't be sharing these information with anyone and you're welcome to leave out these questions if you wish.

25. Which country are you from ?
26. What lessons on a personal level have you learnt from this crisis?
(Personal Finance, organization, agility, knowledge background……)
27. What is your email address ?
(Leave your email address if you'd like to receive the results by email when they are published.)
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