APQN Survey on the Influence of COVID-19 at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

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Dear teachers, administrators and students:
The pandemic outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) relentlessly spread all over the world! As of March 30, 2020, COVID-19 has infected more than 700,000 persons in nearly 200 countries. The winter vacation of some universities has been extended for over 2 months, higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have stopped face-to-face teaching... Our teaching, our learning, our work, our thinking and behaviors have been greatly affected. COVID-19 is a great challenge for you, for me, for each HEI, and for each country in the whole globe. “We are all citizens in this globe village.” Please spend about 8 minutes to fill in the survey distributed by the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN). Let's call for responsibility and solidarity, let’s fight against COVID-19 for a better tomorrow!

the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN)
March 31, 2020
Part 1: Basic Information
 Your sex:
 Your age(years old):
Your field /subject:
 You are:
You are from:
 Your current location:(in alphabetical order)
The location of your Higher Education Institution (HEI):
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Part II: your thinking and behavior during COVID-19
When you know that COVID-19 is a severely infectious disease, your first psychological reaction (FPR):
If your colleagues, classmates or friends come from or have been to a high risk country/region recently, your attitude is:
If your relatives, colleagues, classmates or friends are unfortunately infected with COVID-19, your psychological reaction:
 If you are in a serious epidemic country/region and you have chance to go to a safer country/region, you may:
Since the COVID-19 breakout , your attitude to life:
What is your attitude towards the labelings / stigmatization during the pandemic?
What are your methods to effectively prevent the infection of COVID-19: 【Please choose 1-5 items】
What kinds of activities have you spent more time on during your quarantine/stay indoors: 【Please choose 1-5 items】
During COVID-19, many of your activities have been cancelled and you cannot go to campus. What do you think of your teaching/learning/research/work?
How bad does the long vacation or campus lockdown caused by COVID-19 affect your teaching/learning/research/work:
What are the crucial issues for HEIs if the students from all over the world study as usual on campus during COVID-19? : 【Please choose 1-3 items】
Part 3: HEIs' Action fight against COVID-19
Have your HEI ever collected your health information concerning COVID-19?
What is your attitude towards your HEI response to COVID-19?
What kind of HEIs' actions do you support ? 【Please choose 1-3 items】
What kinds of actions have your HEIs adopted for “Campus lockdown without stopping learning" during COVID-19 ? : 【Please choose 1-3 items】
How effective has on-line teaching during COVID-19? :
From the overall perspective, do you think your HEI has done a good job in crisis management and response measures at the critical stage of public health emergency such as COVID-19:
Part 4: Your suggestions to universities facing public health emergencies such as COVID-19
What is your reaction to the fact that your HEI requires students from the regions/countries with high risk of pandemic to continue learning or return to campus?
Due to COVID-19, many overseas students have returned home. Do you think COVID-19 will impact the internationalization of higher education ?
What kinds of actions must be taken by your HEI after the pandemic is under country control and the re-open of the campus? : 【Please choose 1-5 items】
What kinds of teaching method should be taken during COVID-19 ? 【Please choose 1-5 items】
The Students from the country/region with high-risk of COVID-19, might be in Acute Stress Disorder (ASD). After the pandemic is over, do you think it is necessary for HEIs to take measures to the students with Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD):
What do you think HEIs can do during the prevention and control of public emergencies like COVID-19: 【Please choose 1-5 items】
Part 5: Open question
What do you want to say facing public health emergency such as COVID-19?
Let's fight against the pandemic for a better tomorrow!