Bat Conservation in China: Major threats and Coping Strategies

Dear Bat Researchers,

       Good day! More than 130 bat species have been recorded in China. However, none of them  are included in the Chinese State Key Protected Wildlife List, even though some bat species have been in rapid decline in recent decades. Many Chinese people experience intense panic at the thought of bats and some have even proposed killing bats since the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are dedicated to gathering researchers’ opinions on the major threats and conservation strategies of bats in China. We have restricted the population surveyed to researchers and students worldwide that have research experience on bats. Your answers through this brief survey may be helpful in improving the conservation status of bats in China. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Your response will only be used for survey purposes. Thank you very much for your valuable time and suggestions.
Which country are you from?
What is your sex?[Single choice]
What is your highest level of education obtained?[Single choice]
How long have you been in the field of bat research? [Single choice]
What is your field of study? [Multiple choice] 【Multiple】
How much do you know about bats in China? [Single choice]
Which factor do you think is the cause of bat population decline in China? [Please choose more than three answers and rank them according to their importance]  【Choose at least 3 items and sort them】
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Do you think threatened bats should be included in the list of the Chinese State Key Protected Wildlife? [Single choice]
What do you think is an effective method in conserving bats in China? [Please choose more than three answers and rank them according to their importance] 【Choose at least 3 items and sort them】
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Some Chinese people have proposed killing bats in order to avoid transmission of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Do you have some concerns about the fate of bats? [Single choice]
How often do you work on studying bats per year? [Single choice]
When did you come in contact with bats last time? [Single choice]
Have you ever been infected by viruses carried by bats? [Single choice]
Have you ever suffered from any illness due to close contact with bats? [Single choice]
Do you wear a mask and protective suit while conducting the field or laboratory research? [Single choice]