CanCham Survey: COVID-19 and its impact on Canadian business in China

After two months of being impacted by the Covid-19 virus and related measures implemented in Shanghai and across China, CanCham would like to continue evaluating the impact on its Members locally in Eastern China, abroad, and now in Canada as the pandemic spreads to Canada and the rest of the world.

We would like to gain insight on the situation’s effects on business relations between Canada and China in the near future. With this information, CanCham will be able to assess and adapt our response in order to help our Members and contribute to business continuity in China.

We are in constant communication with Canadian and local governments as the situation evolves, and want to share with them information about the realities and impacts the virus and related response has on the Canadian business community.

Your contribution is highly considered, and we thank you to take 5 minutes of your time to fill out our survey. Your participation remains anonymous and results will be shared later this week.
What is your industry?
What is your current location status?  【多选题】
you can chose multiple responses
How does the flight-ban of foreigners and limitation to 2 flights per week between Canada and China affect your current business?
What are the impacts of the COVID-19 situation on your revenues in China after 2 months of implemented measures?
How does the current World Economic Situation affect your business in China?
Is your current local production, supply chain, and partnerships affected by the situation?
How will the global COVID-19 pandemic affect your business strategy in China?  【多选题】
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How did you adapt your local sales communication, and media strategies? 【多选题】
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Has your staff returned to office and at what capacity? 【多选题】
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Are you seeking support from Canadian governments (Federal or Provincial) during this crisis?
Will you make use of local government business measures to help your company continue doing business in China?
Would you be interested to participate in a Webinar with the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai for a briefing session about the situation in Canada and its impact on relations with China?