Questionnaire Offer-Holder Wechat Group Members 2021

Congratulations on your offer of Surrey! In order to let us know your situation, I would like to invite you to finish the questionnaire below in English before we invite you join our 2021 Offer-holder Wechat Group. 

In the Wechat Group, our officers in China Office and student ambassadors will answer your questions, not only the questions in terms of your application, but also the questions about living and studying experience in Surrey.

After submitting this questionnaire, you’ll receive an invitation from us to join our 2021 Offer-Holder Wechat Group.
Name (姓名拼音,e.g. XIAOXU WANG)
University number (大学学号,6开头的7位数字)
Your WeChat ID (有效微信账号-建议电话号码)
Level of Study (申请课程水平:本科/硕士/博士)
What is the full name of your course(专业全称,e.g. MSc Accounting and Finance)?
Have you already paid the deposit for fully accepting your offer(是否缴纳正课offer押金)?
Do you have a language condition in your offer letter (offer中是否有语言条件)?
Are you going to apply for a Pre-sessional English course?
What do you want to know or which kind of events you would like to participate through our offer-holder Wechat group?