Questionnaire About Study in China in 2021

Dear Student: 
We know the coronavirus has risen lot of concerns about students who want to study in China, and we want to know more about your thoughts so that we could provide better service at this special time. Please fill the questionnaire below to tell us your idea about study in China in 2021. 
* 1. Would you like to study in China in 2021?
* 2. When do you plan to study in China? 
* 3. What are your main concerns besides the coronavirus?  【Multiple】
* 4. Do your parents support your idea of study in China in 2021? 
* 5. What services about study in China do you expect for 2021?  【Multiple】
* 6. How did the COVID-19 change your mind about China?
* 7. If Chinese government allows to enter China but you need to take a 14 days quarantine in the hotel(will cost you about 6,000 RMB) and you also need to pay for food, and maybe vaccine. Would you like to apply for Chinese universities and come to China in 2021? 
* 8. Which one below is the question that you want to ask for most as of now? 
* 9. Would you like to apply for online classes in Chinese universities if online teaching is the only option in 2021?