Mental Health Peer Support Group 2018

Thank you for your interest in joining our peer support group. Our mental health support group is a closed group, only open to people with mania, depression and severe anxiety.

If you are a first-time attender, please fill out this form for eligibility screening. All the info will be kept confidential.

Stay in touch with CandleX for more programs on mental health in Beijing.

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1. Have you attended our group before?*

NOTE: All first timers to our group needs to click NO! We can only send you the location address after the screening for eligibility.

Yes, enter your name for registration

18. Your e-mail address*
19. Monthly income
Please scan the QR code below for a donation.*
<= 6000RMB - free
>6000RMB ( 50RMB for attendance)
20. Choose the date of your participation:
Location will only be sent to the selected participants via email.
1-4 days prior to the meeting date.
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