Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
1. The manager,as well as his advisers, ()to attend the world lair.
A. are agreed
B.were agreed
C.have agreed
D.has agreed
2. ()people in our village grow tobacco.
A. Not many
B.Only some of
C.Not much
D.Just a few of
3. John has never been on time, ()?
A. has John
B.hasn’t John
C.has he
D.hasn’t he
4. Mary has got a full mark in thetest. She()very hard all these days.
A. will work
B.may work
C.must have worked
D.could have worked
5.It was not until the accident happened().
A.when I realized my carelessness
B.that realized my carelessness
C.as I realized my carelessness
D.when my carelessness has been realized
6.Three new Buildings ()on the campus by the end of this year.
A.will be build
B.are going to be built
C. will have been built
D.have been built
7. To learn Chinese cooking, you should practice()
A.so much you can
B.so much as youcan
C.much as you can
D.as much as youcan
8. Our department has a large collection of books, ()are in English.
A.many of which
B.many of them
C.many ones
D.their many
9. (),the professor is still trying to learn a new language.
A.However he is old
B.Old as he is
C.He is as old
D.As old is he
10. You have spent your money in so free and unrestrained a way. I think you’ ll have to ()your expenses more or less.
A, cut off
B.cut down
C.cut out
D.cut across
11. This company has two branches : one in Paris and()in New York.
B.one other
C.the other
12. The young man’s clothes were scattered about his room().
A.at will
B. at random
C.with a hurry
D. All time
13. The defense computers calculate ways to()the enemy missiles.
B. harm
14. Reading()the lines, this letter is really a request for money.
B. among
15. His wife is constantly finding() with him, which makes him very angry.
B. fault
D. flaw
16. ()his surprise, the manager found nobody in the meeting room.
B. To
17. The man was sent to prison for six months, ()guilty of theft.
A.being found
B.having been found
C.having found
D.to have been found
18. It is no difficult to teach()students.
19. ()had made great contributions to science is a fact.
A.What he
B. Whichhe
D.That he
20. He said () was not within his power to answer the question.
B. this
21. Was it in that small room()they found the important document?
B. in which
22. ()do we suspect that this district is rich in mineral resources.
A. Little
B.A little
D.A few
23. John had been working hard and()
A. so had his brother
B. so his brother had
C. so was his brother
D.so his brother did
24. To such an extent()his empty speech that some of us began to doze.
A. did he go on with
B.he would go on with
C.he went on with
D.he did go on with
25. As a matter of fact, the true nature of communication process can be concluded in onesentence : Who says()through what channel to whom.
26. Realizing that he hadn’t enough money and ()to borrow from his father, he decided to sell his watch.
A. not wanted
B. not towant
C. not wanting
D.wanting not
27. It is necessary that Tom()all the blanks on an application for a job.
A. fill
B. filled
C.fill with
28. I suppose that when I come back in ten years ‘ time all these old houses()down.
A. will have been pulled
B. will have pulled
C. will be pulling
D.will be pulled
29. This bottle is nearly empty ,you ()a lot.
A. could have drunk
B. ought to drink
C. must drink
D.must have drunk
30. () forget the days when we lived in the countryside.
A. Never I shall
B. Never shall I
C. I never shall
D.Never do I shall
31. John will go to school the moment he() his work.
A. will finish
D. would finish
32. The surgeon’s advice was that the patient() at once.
A. to be operated on
B. being operated on
C. be operated on
D.was operated on
33. It is ()one thousand studentscan live in it.
A. too large a buildingthat
B. so a large building that
C. such large a building that
D.so large a building that
34. Not only() a promise, but also he kept it.
A. does the manager make
B.did the manager make
C.the manager made
D.the manager makes
35. Even if he()here, he would not be able to help us.
A. is
C. has been
D.will be
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
It is only a shiny, yellow metal,but it is one of the most valuable metals on earth. Since thebeginning of time, men have looked for this extremely valuable item, gold.
Gold is soft and easy to form into different objects. If it gets wet, it does not rust like iron or other metals. Acids do not change it. One important reason that gold is so valuable is that it isscarce.
Due to its softness, gold must be combined with other metals to harden it and give if strength. By hardening gold, people can then make coins and jewelry with it. Metals commonly mixed withgold are nickel, platinum, and copper. Gold jewelry bears a number and the letter K.The K meanskarat( carat) , which is a measure of the amount of pure gold in the jewelry. Pure gold is 24K.Therefore, a necklace which is 14K is fourteen parts gold and ten parts other metal.
Many countries utilize gold for certain coins, but this practice is not as common now as it once was. The United States, for instance, stopped making gold coins in 1933.
36. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?()
A. A Valuable Metal—Gold
B.Looking for Gold
C.Jewelry and Coins
D.What is Karat
37. Which is NOT the reason why gold is highly valuable?()
A. It can be made into jewelry.
B.It is not easily found
C.It is soft and shiny.
D. It does not rust when wet.
38. In order to make it stronger, gold is often mixed with()
A. hard gold
B.coin and jewelry
D.other metals
39. If a ring is marked 12K, then the percentage of gold in it is()
40. Gold may be correctly described by the following EXCEPT()
A. soft
Passage 2
It’s common knowledge that today's workplace is more volatile (易变的)than it once was.One has to know how to make the necessary changes to compete in this new,high-tech world.
The Career Coach offers experienced advice and strategies that people are increasingly turning to professional career advisers to get.
Written by Gordon Miller, the book is aimed at job seekers, people reentering the workforce and those farther along their career paths.
It gives advice on how to search for a job or change jobs (or industries) successfully in today’s job market. You’ll learn how to conduct a good interview, and how to free yourself from the constraints of the traditional resume.
It also has advice on how to become a good performer at the job you currently have, and the right way and time to ask for a raise or a promotion.
There are strategies for improving job performance within a company and how to shape your career to secure a future in an ever-changing economy.
The book is filled with countless stories about people who, with a little coaching, were able to steer their careers in a new direction : a mediocre salesman turns into an excellent performer by learning to use his time more wisely ; a recent college graduate wins a key position in a high-tech company, etc.
41. The book Career Coach is intended for.()
A. people who are quitting a job
B. people who seek expert career advice
C.people who face a raise or promotion
D. people who are successful in their careers
42. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?()
A. People usually turn to career advisers for career advice.
B.The author of the book is a successful businessman.
C.The book is only suitable for people who are hunting a job
D.The book offers many examples of successful executives.
43. The book gives advice on().
A. how to deal with the daily problems in your career
B. how to successfully change career or search for a job
C.how to be able to get useful career information
D.how to withdraw from this ever changing high-tech world
44. The word “mediocre in the last paragraph probably means ().
A. Successful
45. The last paragraph indicates that () .
A. career coach is essential to job seekers
B. a college student can become a star performer
C.a salesman can be successful through hard work
D. career advisers can help people achieve their goals
Passage 3
I suppose that the most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention, and especially if it ‘ s given from the heart. When people are talking, there ‘ s no need to do anything but receive them. Listen to what they ’ re saying. Care about it.Most times caring about it is even moreimportant than understanding it. Most of us don ’ t valueourselves or our love enough to know this.It has taken me a long time to believe in the power of simple saying “I’m so sorry. when someone is in pain.
One of my patients told me that when she tried to tell her story people often interrupted to tell her that they once had something just like that happening to them. Her pain became a story about themselves. Eventually she stopped talking to most people. We connect through listening. When we interrupt what someone is saying to let them know that we understand, we move the focus of attention to ourselves. When we listen, they know we care.
I have even learned to respond to someone crying by just listening. In the old days I used to reach for the handkerchiefs, until I realized that passing a person a handkerchief may be just another way to shut him down, to take them out of their experience of sadness. ,Now I just listen. When they have cried all they need to cry, they find me there with them.
This simple thing has not been that easy to learn. It certainly went against everything had been taught since I was very young. I thought people listened only because they were too shy to speak or did not know the answer. But now I know that a loving silence often has far more power to heal than the kindest words.
46. What does the author value most in the communication with each other?()
A. Deep understanding.
B. Saying “I’m sorry”
C.Attention from heart.
D.Doing nothing.
47. The woman’s patient stopped telling her story to most people because()
A. she didn ’ t get enough respect from others
B. she was discouraged by being often interrupted
C.people often told her their own opinions
D. people couldn’t understand her sad situation
48. If you hand a handkerchief to someone crying, you may. ()
A. hurt his feelings
B.make him embarrassed
C.encourage him to continue to cry
D.stop him from lettingout his sorrow
49. It can be inferred from the passage that while communicating. ()
A. listening is a perfect way to respond to others
B. people keep silent because they don ‘ t know the answer
C.keeping silent means being too shy to speak
D. it is easy to form the habit of listening silently
50. Which of the following might be the author’s opinion about communication?()
A. Keep silent.
B.Just listen.
C.Be careful.
D.Tell your own story.
Passage 4
Africans see many advantages in uniting the continent into a single nation, or in uniting several small nations of a particular region into a nation. In unity there is strength. Africans often point to the United States, formed by the original 13 states, as an illustration of this principle. Africans now is divided into many weak nations; united they would be much stronger. Africans could then more easily deal with foreign efforts to control them. Also it would be easier and less expensive to plan and carry out big projects like the building of highways and dams.
The considerations for African unity go beyond the practical advantages it would bring. As we have seen, the feeling of belonging to a particular nation is not strong among Africans. If, for example, you were to ask a man from Paris, “What are you?” he would certainly answer, “A Frenchman.” Ask the same question of a man from Ibadan in Nigeria and he might give one of three answers, or all three, depending upon his education and outlook. He might say, “A Yoruba,,(his people) , or “A Nigerian”,or just simply “An African;”.
Another factor that enters into the desire for unity is that educated Africans throughout the continent feel that they all have many things in common. Africa’s leaders, especially, all lived through the experience of colonial rule. Many of them went to school and university with men who now lead other African countries. They all feel resentful about the way in which they were treated in the past. Compared to these strong bonds,which overshadow the borders of nations, the idea of building separate nations does not have so much meaning. Some leaders say they are ready, in fact, to give up their separate nations. Four nations have written into their constitutions a provision that the government may give up its power to a Pan-African government.
51. The following advantages in the unity of Africa are true EXCEPT()
A. they can get rid of foreign influences with less difficulties
B. they will be stronger
C.they could spend less money in building their big projects
D.they can be united into 13 states as the U. S. A once was
52. The first factor that Africans consider African unity is that()
A. Africans don t have a strong sense of belonging
B. Africans don’t like colonial rule
C.they should reduce conflict among nations
D. Africans are ignorant of their history
53. According to the passage, all educated Africans()
A. feel regretful for what they did to each other in the past
B. are indignant about Africans ‘ suffering in colonial time
C.were once schoolmates
D. like to expand their countries
54. The word underlined “overshadow most probably means() .
A. go beyond
C. reflect
55. From the passage, we may judge “a Pan-African government refers to()
A. a government with absolute power
B.a separate country
C.a unity of Africans
D.a constitutional nation
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Sometimes, people 56 your life and you realize that they are there 57 some purpose, to 58 you a lesson, or to help you 59 who you are or who you want to become. You ‘ d never know who these people 60 be your friend, your classmate, your neighbor, your co-worker, your teacher, or 61 a stranger, but they will deeply 62 your life in some way.
And sometimes things 63 to you that may seem 64 ,painful and horrible at first, but 65 , you realize that without 66 those difficulties you would never know your strength,67 or potential. Everything happens for a 68 Nothing happens by 69 or by means of good luck. Illness, great achievement, love, injury and failure all come to 70 the limits of your soul. Without these tests, life would be like a straight and flat road, but it goes 71. It would besafe and comfortable, but dull and completely 72.
Those people who affect your life,and the failure and the success you experience can help you to create who you are and who you become. Even the bad experiences can73 from. In fact, they are the most important ones. If someone breaks your heart, or hurts you, please 74 them, for they helped you to learn about the importance of being careful when you open your heart. If someone loves you, love them 75, because they are teaching you to love and how to open your heart and eyes to things.
A. come across
B.come down
C.come after
D.come into
57. ()
A. to
58. ()
A. teach
59. ()
A. known
C.to know
D.to knowing
60. ()
A. must
61. ()
A. almost
62. ()
A. affect
63. ()
A. give
64. ()
A. pleasant
65. ()
A. then
66. ()
A. accomplishing
67. ()
A. willingness
68. ()
A. while
69. ()
A. opportunity
70. ()
A. try
71. ()
A. nowhere
72. ()
73. ()
A. learned
C.be learned
74. ()
A. Forgot
75. ()
A. back
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
given in Chinese. Remember to do your writing on the Answer Sheet.
王晓华,男,生于1992年6月15日。家住东方市滨海路56号,联系电话为18619018764, 电子邮箱wangxiaohua@ 163. com。
从2006年9月至2009年7月就读东方市第一中学。自2009年9月至2012年7月在东 方职业技术学院学习,专业为电气技术。曾获得2010年、2011年度奖学金,并于2011年通过 计算机考试,获得证书。2012年1月至4月在ABC公司实习。个人的兴趣爱好是阅读和旅游。
Words for reference :
东方职业技术学院 Dongfang Vocational College
电气技术 electrical technology
证书 certificate
奖学金 scholarship
实习 internship