Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
1 Such a reliable person as him won’t make ()promises.
A. bare
2. In English vocabulary, words of French()are not rare.
A. source
3. One new ()to learning a foreign language is to study the language in its culturalcontext.
A. approach
4. Staring at the ruins of his house, he couldn’ t() how the fire had broken out,
A. bring out
B.turn out
C.figure out
D.pick out
5. I didn’t know what to do, but;then an idea()to me suddenly.
A happened
D occurred
6. The government has lost a great deal () because of the large increase in food price.
A. Despite of
C.in spite
D.in spite that
7.I continued to study () the discouragement I had received
A.despite of
C.in spite
D.in spite that
8. They said I had given () the whistle was worth.
A.twice as many as
B.as twice many as
C.as twice much as
D.twice as much as
9. It is necessary to()a large vocabulary in learning a language.
10. Many people in Africa seem to be ()of the American way of life:driving everywhere.
A. envious
11. — I wonder why Mary is so unfriendly to us.
—She is(  )than unfriendly. 1’ m afraid
A. Shyer
B.much shyer
C.shy more
D.more shy
12. He’s mean and bad-tempered and lazy, but she loves him()
A.hut for
B.after all
C.above all
D.for all
13. The physician considers going to bed early to be more sensible()late.
A.but staying up
B.B.than to stay up
C.C.for staying up
D.D.than staying up
14. This sort of punishment is applied only to nonviolent criminals who are not ()to be dangerous to the public
15. The work() by the time you decide to cooperate with us.
A.will have been done
B.was done
C.had been done
D.has done
16. 1 remember()the piano beautifully when he was a child.
B.him to play
C.him to have played
D.him playing
17. The assistant and graduate ()student check the exercise books.
D.to help
18. The ticket you () to a free meal in our restaurant.
19. (),people can’t afford to buy expensive things.
A.With the prices of daily goods going up
B.With the prices of daily goods gone up
C.The prices of daily goods go up
D.with the prices of daily goods go up
20. Mr. Smith has taught chemistry in that school for more years — ().
A.than any teachers
B.than anyone
C.than any teacher
D.than anyone else
21. I don,t think Mary understood what you said, ()?
A.do I
B.didn’t she
C.did you
D.did she
22. Was it in 1969()the American astronaut succeedlanding on the moon?
A. when; on
B. that; on
C.which; in
D.that; in
23. The news reporters hurried to the airport, only ()the film stars had left.
A. to tell
B. to be told
24. Mrs. White became a teacher in 1985. She()for twentyyears by next summer.
A. will teach
B.would have taught
C. has been teaching
D.will have been teaching
25. It was not until it got dark () working.
A. that they stopped
B.when they stopped
C. did they stop
D.that they didn’t stop
26. If you want () , you have to get the fund somewhere.
A. the job done
B.the job to do
C. the job to have done
D.the job that is done
27. The gray building is where the workers live, and the white one is where the spareparts ()
A. are produced
B.are producing
C. produced
D.being produced
28. I()fill in the form now, shouldn’t I?
A. could
B. couldn’t
29. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class;().
A. he must have to study last night
B. he must have studied last night
C. he should have studied last night
D.he should study last night
30.According to one belief, if truth is to be known it will make itself apparent, so one()wait instead of searching for it.
A. would rather
B. had to
C.cannot but
D.had best
31. There was a large crowd in the square ()against the war.
A. protecting
B. Protesting
32. I could not persuade him to accept it,()make him see the importance of it.
A.if only I could not
B.no more than I could
C. or I could not
D.nor could I
33. The technical advisor recommended that we()an inspection on the instrument once every month.
A. have
B. has
C.will have
D.are having
34. Language belongs to each of us, to the flower-seller() to the professor.
A. As far as
B. as much as
C.as many as
D.as long as
35. A Dream of the Red Mansion is said()into dozens of languages in the last decade.
A. to translate
B.to have translated
C. to be translated
D.to have been translated
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Social change is more likely to occur in societies where there is a mixture of different kinds of people than in societies where people are similar in many ways. The simple reason for this is that there are more different ways of looking at the present in the first kind of society. There are more ideas, more disagreements in interest, and more groups and organizations with different beliefs. In addition,there is usually a greater worldly interest and greater tolerance for other peoples’ claims in mixed societies. All these factors tend to promote social change by opening more areas of life to decision. In a society where people are quite similar in many ways, there are fewer occasions for people to see the need or the opportunity for change because everything seems to be the same. And although conditions may not be satisfactory, they are at least customary and undisputed
Within a society, social change is also likely to occur more frequently and more readily in the material aspects of the culture than in the non-material,for example, in technology rather than in values ; in what has been learned later in life rather than what was learned early ; in the less basic and less emotional aspects of society than in their opposites ; in the simple elements rather than in the complex ones; in form rather than in substance; and in elements that are acceptable to the culture rather than in strange elements.
36. The passage is mainly discussing() .
A. the necessity of social change
B. certain factors that determine the ease with which social changes occur
C.different types of social change in two different societies and in different aspects
D. certain factors that promote social change
37. is NOT one of the factors that tend to promote social change().
A. Greater worldly interest
B.Different points of view
C.Greater tolerance
D.Advanced technology
38. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?()
A. Social change tends to meet with more difficulty in basic and emotional aspects ofsociety.
B. Disagreement with and argument about conditions tend to slow down social change.
C.Social changes less likely to occur in the material aspect of society.
D. Social change is less likely to occur in what people learned when they were young.
39. The expression “greater tolerance” (Paragraph 1) refers to()
A. “greater readiness to agree to different opinions and ideas”
B. Mquicker adaptation to changing circumstances”
C.“more respect for different beliefs and behavior”
D. “greater willingness to accept social change”
40. Social change is less likely to occur in a society where people are quite similar in manyways because() .
A. people there have identical needs and they are satisfied with everything
B.people there have got so accustomed to their conditions that they seldom think it necessary to change
C.people there are easy to please
D.people there are less disappointed
Traditionally,universities have carried out two main activities : research and teaching. Many experts would argue that both these activities play a critical role in serving the community. The fundamental question, however, is how does the community want or need to be served?
In recent years universities have been coming under increasing pressure from both the governments and the public to ensure that they do not remain ivory towers (象牙塔)of study separated from the realities of everyday life. University teachers have been encouraged, and in some cases compelled,to provide more courses which produce graduates with the technical skills required for the commercial use. If Aristotle wanted to work in university in the UK today, he would have a good chance of teaching computer science but would not be so readily employable as a philosopher.
A post-industrial society requires large numbers of computer programmers,engineers,managers and technicians to maintain and develop its economic growth but “man , as the Bible says, “does not live by bread alone.,’ Apart from requiring medical and social services, which do not directly contribute to economic growth,the society should also value and enjoy literature,music and the arts. In these cost-conscious times, it has even been pointed out in justification for the funding of the arts that they can be useful money earners. A successful musical play, for instance, can contribute as much lo the Gross National Product through tourist dollars as any other things.
41. We can know from the first paragraph that the author()
A. believes traditional universities have done a good job serving the community
B. believes it remains to be discussed how universities should meet the needs of society
C.thinks some experts require too much of universities
D. thinks universities should do more than just research and teach
42. It can be inferred from the second paragraph that () .
A.society is not satisfied with the present college education
B.interference from the government is unwelcome
C.teachers are forcedto do what they don’t like to do
D.it’s a mistake for universities to teach courses of no commercial use
43. The example of Aristotle indicates that()
A. universities in the UK have produced too many good-for-nothing graduates
B.universities should stop teaching philosophy
C.high technology is now valued more than other courses in universities
D.universities should put more stress on computer science
44. According to the passage t literature, music and the arts()
A. contribute directly to economic growth
B.are as necessary to man as medical and social services
C.are justified since they bring profits
D.are a good way of earning money
45. The author implies that()
A. economy should always be a nation’s first consideration
B.universities should take cost into account when they decide what courses theywill offer
C.successful musical plays are part of national economy
D.economic growth is not the only need of mankind
Passage 3
It’s time to stop complaining. The economy might be melting down like a pat of(一小块) butter on a hot Hummer(焊马)roof, but for some people—you, maybe? —this could be a very good thing.
Here ‘ s why at no other time in recent history has it been easier or cheaper to start a new kind of company. Possibly a very profitable company. Let,s call these start-ups LILOs, for “a little in, a lot out”. These are Web-based businesses that cost almost nothing to get off the ground yet can turn into great moneymakers.
How do you get started? All that ‘ s required is a great idea for a product that will fill a need inthe 21century. These days you ‘ d do best if your idea either makes people money or saves themmoney. And launching now will make your company stronger later—you’ 11 learn to survive on fumes until the economy improves.
That’s what John Tayman is doing. He’s a writer living in San Francisco, where I met him; he wrote reviews for a business magazine I edite
D.Tayman knew little about technology and even less about business. And yet he dreamed of a website that would summarize car reviews from other sources and rank every model of new car. “ It ‘ll be like RottenTomatoes. com meets Kelley Blue Book,” he explained to me during lunch one day last June. Tayman said he intended to build the site on the side while continuing to write for a living. He ’ d work on his new company only at night and on weekends. Oh, yes, and he had only about $ 10, 000. “Good luck with that!” I thought. Ideas are much easier to hatch than they are to execute.
Tayman went to work with nothing more than his PowerBook laptop. A very organized fellow, he quickly discovered a lot of freebies(免费的东西)online—instructional manuals and sites aimed at bootstrappers (靠自我奋斗取得成功的人)一that walk you through the process from start to finish. The common wisdom would suggest that Tayman couldn ‘ t have picked a worse time to start a company that depends on automotive advertising. But he knew that going in (被理解).“I wanted to launch into (开始从事,投入)the dip so that by the time advertising improves,my site MotorMouths will be sitting pretty,” he says.
46. What does the author think of the Web-based businesses?()
A. They are very easy to operate.
B. They cost nothing to run at all.
C.They are sure to be big-profit companies.
D. They need little investment but can make big profit.
47. What is essential to start your Web-based company according to the passage?()
A. Starting the business as early as possible.
B.A good idea which is helpful for people to make or save money.
C.Low-cost products used to be trade.
D.Practical products with good quality.
48. What can we know about John Tayman?()
A. He is a writer who specializes in writing reviews for business magazines.
B.He is familiar with technology and business.
C.He wishes to run a Web-based business with a small sum of money.
D. He is an expert in summarizing car reviews.
49. What does the author imply by saying “Ideas are much easier hatch ... to execute. ”?()
A. He is unconfident about Tayman’s success.
B. Ideas are easier to make than to realize.
C.Tayman can’t be successful at all.
D.Tayman needs to learn more executive skills.
50. What is Tayman,sattitude towards his MotorMouths' future?()
A. Hopeless.
B. Satisfied
Passage 4
By far the most common snake in Britain is the adder. In Scotland, in fact, there are no other snakes at all. The adder is also the only British snake with a poisonous bite. It can be found almost anywhere, but prefers sunny hillsides and rough open country, including high groun
D.In Ireland there are no snakes at all.
Most people regard snake bites as a fatal misfortune, but not all bites are serious and very few are fatal. Sometimes attempts at emergency treatment turn out to be more dangerous than the bite itself, with amateurs heroically, but mistakenly, trying do-it-yourself surgery and other unnecessary measures.
All snakes have small teeth, so it follows that all snakes can bite, but only the bite of the adder presents any danger. British snakes are shy animals and are far more frightened of you than you could possibly be of them. The adder will attack only if it feels threatened, as can happen if you take it by surprise and step on it accidentally or if you try to catch it or pick it up, which it dislikes intensely. If it hears you coming, it will normally get out of the way as quickly as it can, but adderscannot move very rapidly and may attack before moving if you are very close.
The effect of a bite varies considerably. It depends upon several things, one of which is thebody-weight of the person bitten. The biggerthe person is, the less harmful the bite is likely to be,which is why children suffer far more seriously from snake bites than adults. A healthy person will also have better resistance against the poison.
Very few people actually die from snake bites in Britain, and though these bites can make some people very ill, there are probably just as many cases of bites having little or no effect, as there are of serious illness.
51. Which of the following statements is NOT true?()
A. The adder is the only poisonous snake in Britain.
B.In Scotland there are no other snakes except the adder.
C.Snake bites seem more dangerous than they actually are.
D.People ‘ s attempts at emergency treatment are utterly unnecessary.
52. Adders are most likely to be found()
A.in wilder parts of Britain and Ireland
B.in Scotland and nowhere else
C.on uncultivated land throughout Britain
D. in shady fields in England
53. We are told that British snakes are()
A. afraid of human beings
B.poisonous including the adder
C.dangerous except the adder
D.friendly towards human beings
54. If an adder senses your approaching, it will probably ()
A. attack you immediately
B.disappear very quickly
C.wait to frighten you
D.move out of the way
55. According to the passage, a snake bite is ().
A. more harmful to a healthy man than to a sick man
B. less harmful to an adult than to a child
C.more dangerous than any serious illness
D. always fatal in Britain
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
From childhood to old age, we all use language as a means of broadening our knowledge of ourselves and the world about us. When humans first     56 _, they were like newborn children,unable to use this 57 tool. Yet once language developed,the possibilities for human kind’s future ___ 58 ___ and cultural growth increased
Many linguists believe that evolution is   59   for our ability to produce and use language. They 60  that our highly evolved brain provides us ___ 61   an innate language ability not found in lower 62 Proponents of this innateness theory say that our   63 ___ for language is inborn,but that language itself develops gradually,64 a function of the growth of the brain during childhoo
D.Therefore there are critical 65 times for language development. Current ___ 66___ of innateness theory are mixed, however, evidence supporting the existence of some innate abilities is ufiekmiable.     67  , more and more schools are discovering that foreign languages are best taught in   68 ___ grades. Young children often can learn several languages by being 69  to them,while adults have a much harder time learning another language once the 70 of their first language have become firmly fixed. 71 some aspects of language are undeniably innate, language does not develop automatically in a vacuum. Children who have been _ 72  from other human beings do not possess language. This demonstrates that 73 with other human beings is necessary for proper language development. Some linguists believe that this is even more basic to human language 74 than any innate capacities. These theorists view language as imitative, learned behavior. 75 , childrenlearn language from their parents by imitating them. Parents gradually shape their child’s language sills by positively reinforcing precise imitations and negatively reinforcing imprecise ones.
A. generated
57. ()
A. valuable
58. ()
A. attainments
59. ()
A. essential
60. ()
A. confirm
61. ()
A. for
62. ()
63. ()
A. potential
64. ()
A. as
B.just as
65. ()
A. ideological
66. ()
A. reviews
67. ()
A.In a word
B.In a sense
D.In other words
68. ()
A. various
C.the higher
D.the lower
69. ()
A. reveal
70. ()
A. regulations
71. ()
A. Although
72. ()
A. distinguished
73. ()
A. exposition
74. ()
A. acquisition
75. ()
A. As a result
B.After all
C.In other words
D.Above all
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
说明:假定你是秘书Linda Wang,请按下列内容填写给经理John Brown的电话留言。 内容:
1.来电人:APP 公司 Mr. Peter Margin
2.来电时间:12月13日上午10:30 .
3.来电内容:Mr. Peter Margin将于下周一去纽约,下周没有时间与您见面。他希望 在本周五上午9:30能见到您,讨论双方合作事宜。您是否有空?希望您收到留言 后尽早回电给Mr. Peter Margin0