Part I Vocabulary and Structure (35%)
1. ()for the timely investment from the general public,our company would not be so thriving as it is.
A.Had it not been
B.Were it not
C.Be it not
D.Should it not be
2. He took her ()a close friend, so he spoke to her so familiarly.
B. in
3. Believe it or not , last year, Matt earned()his brother, who has a better position in a big company.
A. much as twice as
B.twice as much as
C.as twice much as
D.as much twice as
4. He failed to carry out some of |he provisions of the contract, and now he has to ()the consequence.
A. answer for
B.run into
C.bring up
D.step into
语动词的用法。answer for承担.的后果,为..负责;run into注入,归入,撞上,偶然碰见,使陷入;bring up培养,使成长,提出,使突然停住;step into走进,插手, 顺便访问。根据词义辨析,不难分辨出A项正确。
5.How is it ()your roommate’s request and yours are identical?
6. Istruggled out of the ditch and my jeans were()
B. Spilled
D.spot hid
7. He’s careless with money:(), he has a financial embarrassment.
D. continuously
8. Mr. Harris decided to open a new store and()many clerks.
A.put off
B.take up
C.turn down
D.take on
9. Mr. Jones holds strong views against video games and()the closing of all recreationfacilities for such games.
10. Turn on the television or open a magazine and you ()advertisements showing happy,balanced families.
A.are often seeing
B.will often see
C.often saw
D.have often seen
11. In order to () a good knowledge of Chinese, he went to study in an Chinese school.
12. There are lots of inconveniences that we have to be () when we are camping.
A.put off
B.put up
C.put up with
D. put over
13. In the darkness, it’s very difficult for me to ()who is coming along the road
A.make out
B.make over
C.make for
D.make up
14. In the very beginning, I didn’ t () my neighbors, however, we are in very good relationship now.
A.take on
B.take to
C.take over
D, take after
15. Actors and actresses usually ()beforethey go on stage.
A.keep up
B.clear up
C.sum up
D.make up
16. Would you please lend me your bike? Mine is not () .
A.enough good
B.good one
C.good enough
D.very good enough
17. Without air, the candle will () .
A.go off
B.go through
C.go out
D.go over
18. One of the most important problems is how to ()students’ interests in learning English.
19. When we face difficulties in our English learning, we will never ().
A.give out
B.give in
C.give off
D.give away
20. Tony as well as his brothers and sisters () from America.
D.have been
21. Tomorrow I’m leaving for New York and I ‘ ll stay there for () .
B.some time
D.some times
22. How much did you ()on this new car?
23. When the police broke into the house, they found the old man dead () on thefloor.
24. I’m not good at math. This problem is quite () me.
C. beyond
25. () your coming to see me, I would have been very lonely.
A.But for
B.On account of
C. Owing to
D.Thanks to
26. Tom and I are () seeing you, so don’t disappoint us!
A.looking for
B.looking forward to
C.looking to
D. looking out on
27. The meeting was ()when the chairman suddenly fell ill.
A.put downs
B.cut short
C. put off
D.set off
28. Have dinner with us, () ?
A.will you
B.are you
C. would you
D.aren’t you
29. There’s no need to be frightened of the dog, he’s quite () .
C. cheerful
30. Some hard plastics can() metals in manufacturing machine parts.
A.take place for
B.take the place for
C.take place of
D. take the place of
31. () on time according to the instruction, these pills will be quite effective.
B.Being taken
C. Taken
D.Having taken
32. The meeting was put off until next week, which was exactly ()we wanted
C. that
33. Mr. Smith left for London this morning.I had thought he ()until next Monday.
A.isn't going
B.wasn't going
C. won ‘ t going
34. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is () especially true it comes to classroom tests.
C. as
35. What they said () us much to think about.
A.have left
B.has left
C. to leave
Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (20 %)
Directions : In this part,there are four passages, each of which is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage 1
There are no inevitable outcomes of social class in child rearing. At the same time, there is no children become. Regarding social class, sociologists have found that parents socialize their children into the behaviors and norms of their work worlds. Members of the working class are closely supervised and are expected to follow explicit rules at their jobs. If they do not follow the precise rules and do as they are told, they will not keep their jobs. Their experience influences how they deal with their children. As a result, their concern is less with their children5 s motivations and more with their children,s outward conformity. Thus they are more apt to use physical punishment in managing their children. On the other hand, middle-class parents, who are expected to take more initiative on the job,are more concerned that their children develop curiosity,self-expression,and self-control. They are also more likely to withdraw privileges or affection than to use physical punishment.
36. The word a explicit means() .
A. vague
D.clearly defined
37. According to this passage, working-class parents are more likely than middle-class parents to()
A. use physical punishment for discipline
B.have children who finish college
C.have children who are out of control
D.show less love to their children
38. Middle-class parents will encourage their children to be().
A. self-confident
39. This passage is about().
A. the relation between social class of the parents and their children’s rearing
B. the similarities between working and middle-class parents
C.the differences between children of working class and the ones of middle class
D. the relation between working class and middle class in their working places
40. Which sentence is not true?()
A. The outcomes of social class in inevitable.
B. The social class decide how children are raised
C.Sociologists have found that parents socialize their children into the behaviors and norms of their work worlds.
D. Their experience influences how they deal with their children.
Passage 2
College is a new and challenging experience, and new and challenging experience tend to produce stress. Consequently, stress is a common problem that many college students must face.
How to reduce stress :
1.Eliminate the source of stress. Identify possible sources of stress,and work toward eliminating them. If a math course is creating stress, for instance, take action. Go to the learning lab or math lab for assistance or inquire about instructions.
2.Establish a daily routine. To eliminate daily hassles (混乱)and make daily tasks as simple as possible, establish a daily routine. A routine eliminates the need to make numerous small decisions, thus giving you a sense of “smooth sailing.,’
3.Review your achievements. When you feel pressures, stop and review what you have already achieved that day and that week. This review will give you confidence that you can handle the workload.A positive attitude goes a long way in overcoming stress.
4.Get physical exercise. Exercise often releases tension, promotes a general feeling of wellness, and improves self-concept. Many students report that as little as 30 minutes of exercise produces immediate relaxation.
5.Get involved with campus activities. Some students become so involved with their course work that they do little else but study or worry about studying. In fact,they feel guilty or stressed when they are not studying. Be sure to allow some time in each day to relax and have fun. Campus activities provide a valuable means of releasing tension and taking your mind off your work.
41. What’s the common problem most college students have?()
A. When to get physical exercise.
B.How to gain confidence.
C.Whom to get advice from.
D.How to overcome stress.
42. When you deal with stress the first thing you should do is to().
A. find out what causes stress
B.seek help from your classmates
C.inquire about instructions
D.make a plan of your work
43. According to the writer, by setting daily routine you will feel that()
A. you need to make a lot of small decisions
B. you can beat others in boat sailing
C.you are capable of handling simple tasks
D. everything goes smoothly the whole day
44. In the last paragraph, the writer suggests that you make sure to().
A. be absent-minded for a while every day
B. spare some time each day to relax
C.take a positive attitude in overcoming stress
D. go to a lab for academic assistance
45. What can we learn from the passage?()
A. As long as you take action you can overcome stress.
B.When you feel pressures you should take action.
C.College life is both new and challenging for students.
D.You can enjoy your life by the source of stress.
Passage 3
For the most part, rapid economic development has been a favor. But there is a down side to development—health problems such as overweight are all becoming more common, as more people take taxis to work instead of riding their bicycles, and other labour-saving devices become more popular.
An increasingly fast pace of life makes it difficult for people to spend time playing sports. “ I know exercise is good for our health,” a young lady said, 41 But after a busy work week, the only thing I want to do is watching TV and going to sleep. ’,That attitude may explain the results of a recent nationwide study, which suggested 15 percent of urban adults in China have heart problems.
Local researchers found that 31.2 percent of elderly respondents were getting enough exercise, hut less than 9 percent of youngsters and the middle-aged got enough physical activity.
Elderly people understand the importance of protecting their health. The young people, however, are busy working and use this as an excuse to avoid exercise. In fact, physical exercise doesn' t require much time, money or a special gymnasium. People can make use of any time and any place at their convenience to take part in sports. Walking quickly, cycling, climbing the stairs and dancing are all helpful methods to improve one’s health.
The benefits of adding a little more activity to your life are priceless. “There is no need to be an athlete (运动员),however,” a local doctor said.People should walk for 30 minutes a day and lake part in some other physical activities three to five times a week. He warns, however, that people in poor physical shape should start slowly, and build up over time.
46. By referring to rapid economic development as “a favor at the beginning of the passage, the author means that() .
A. it has benefited the general public greatly
B.it has done harm to people’s health nationwide
C.it is going faster than anyone could have imagined
D. it has helped to establish a healthy lifestyle of the public
47. Rapid economic development has resulted in all the following EXCEPT ().
A. an increasing number of taxi passengers
B. the wide use of labour-saving devices
C.an increasingly fast pace of life
D. people ‘ s awareness of the importance of exercise
48. The young people do not have enough exercise because() .
A. they don’t have the time for it
B. they are ignorant of the benefits of exercise
C.they are too weak to participate in physical activity
D.they are short of money
49. According to the passage, who need regular exercise most?()
A. Only young and middle-aged ladies.
B. Urban adults with full-time jobs.
C.Elderly people suffering from high blood pressure.
D. Local doctors and youngsters.
50. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?()
A. Many people are still unable to afford the cost of physical exercises.
B. Nobody should take part in physical activity in order to be an athlete.
C.Moderate physical exercise is usually enough for ordinary people.
D. Old or sick people should only take part in physical exercises of the slowest type.
Passage 4
First Great Western provides a convenient and accurate ticket selling service. We start a legal contract with us when you purchase a ticket and travel with us; these are available at our staffed stations or from our Customer Services Teams. Tickets for traveling on our services can be purchased by a variety of methods whose details are given below.
You can buy a full range of tickets from First Great Western ticket offices. When buying a ticket we promise to give you detailed information and to sell you the most appropriate ticket for your journey.
Ticket selling (出售)machines,most of which accept both cash and credit cards, will be available at many First Great Western stations offering a wide range of tickets for services travelling from that station.
Tickets for travel on First Great Western services or elsewhere on the National Rail network may be purchased in advance online at www. Firstgreatwestern. com. uk. Tickets purchased online can be posted to you, or collected at many st ations through ticket selling machines.
When journeys start at stations where there is no ticketing facility available, it is your responsibility to pay your fare to the on-board staff who are aole to issue the normal range of tickets.
If you are travelling in agroup of 10 or more people you should contact our group booking service on 08457 000 125. Not only will our staff be able to direct you to trains with sufficient seats,you may enjoy a discount on your ticket.
51. The information provided in the passage is for people who travel by()
A. plane
B. train
52. When you buy a ticket, the agent promises to give you fair information on tickets to help you().
A. get the most appropriate ticket
B.purchase a ticket in advance online
C.pay the right fair to the on-board staff
D.collect the ticket from the ticket selling machine
53. How can you get your ticket if you have booked it online?()
A. From the hooking office in a railway station.
B.By visiting the website of First Great Western.
C.From a ticket agent
D. By mail delivery.
54. When can you buy a ticket direct from the on-board staff? ()
A. When you start from a station with no ticketing service.
B.When the tickets are all sold out in the booking office.
C.When you travel in a group of ten or more people.
D.When you travel on a train with sufficient seats.
55. What is the advantage for passengers who travel in a group of ten or more?()
A. They may buy the tickets direct from the on-board staff.
B.They will not pay for booking service.
C.They may get a discount.
D.They can pay in cash.
Part Ⅲ Cloze(10%)
Directions : There are20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices.
Choose the best answer and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Maureen stood by the lake. Suddenly the children came running through the trees with sharp cries of 56 . They rushed up to the 57 ,leaning over the clear water, watching the crowds of tiny fish. Some children demanded loudly to go to the boats, but ___58 ___ those who had been left behind at the ice-cream stall (小摊)came running up to make some announcement or other,and they all 59 the water and dashed back the 60 they had come. With growing excitement, Maureen 61 them. When she ___ 62 ___ what had been running for, she stopped running. They were 63 things again. The toy stall was ___ 64 ___ and they were crowded around it. Behind the 65 a calm middle-aged woman was selling a great variety of small rubbish. She took 66  from the forest of small hands in exchanging for little boats,plastic dolls,yellow pencils,anything. Maureen leaned against a 67,looking on. The idea of 68 washed against her face like astrong current (流),trying to draw her in.
Nona Parker pushed out to the edge of the group and 69 what she had bought on the ground so that she could see what money she had left in her white purse. Under Maureen ‘ s 70 lay a boat, a mouth organ (口 琴)and a brown load of breadMaureen was so full of the __ 71 for the things like that she couldn' t bear to look at it. She turned her 72 sharply. Her face was against the tree. She shut her eyes and 73 eagerly for some money, for the price of a set toy plates. In a moment, she opened her eyes, 74  she didn' t turn back to the stall. It was too 75 to see the others buying whatever they wanted.She rubbed almost round the tree,her eyes on the ground
57. ()
58. ()
A.what’s worse
B.all at once
C.all the time
D.more or less
59. ()
60. ()
61. ()
A.ran after
C.glared at
D.got rid of
62. ()
63. ()
64. ()
65. ()
66. ()
67. ()
68. ()
69. ()
70. ()
71. ()
72. ()
73. ()
A.even if
75. ()
Part IV Writing( 15%)
Directions : This part is to test your practical writing ability. You are required to write a note asking for sick leave according to the information given in Chinese. Your writing should contain at least 100 words. Write it on the Answer Sheet.
说明:假定你叫王琳,根据下列内容写一封求职信。 写信日期:2010年12月19 口 内容: 1.从2010年12月10日《中国日报》上获悉UAC公司招聘办公室秘书职位的信息;
5.希望能获得面试机会。 注意信函格式!
Words for reference :
《中国日报》China Daily 工商管理 Business Administration
证书 certificate 附上 enclose