Information of Nepali Citizens

1. Full Name*
2. Passport No.*
3. Which Province (Municipality or Autonomous Region) do you live in China?*
4. Address in China(Province, City, University/Place of Work/Business etc)*
(Example: Sichuan, Chengdu, Sichuan University)
5. Telephone No. in China*
6. Email Address*
7. Address in Nepal (Name of District, Municipality and Ward No.)*
8. Name and phone number of contact person in Nepal in case of emergency*
Example: Tony Spark; 188 4658 2588
9. Your purpose for staying in China:*
A. Employment
Please specify name of the employer and contact details

B. Business
Please specify nature of business

C. Study
Please specify name of university, degree and discipline

D. Minor/Dependent
E. Others
Please specify

10. Are you married to a Chinese national?*
A. Yes
If yes, how long have you been in China after marriage

B. No
11. Did you return to Nepal after 31 December 2019 and are still in Nepal?*
A. Yes

B. No
13. Any other comment that you would like to make*
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