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State of the art research in artificial intelligence and ubiquitous city (RGC UGC/IIDS15/E01/19)
Online seminars and research clinics via Zoom
Organised by Dr Rita Yi Man Li, Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Chair Professor Kwong Wing Chau, the University of Hong Kong
Professor Daniel Chi Wing Ho, THEi

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3. April 6, 2020: [Part 1] Virginia Dignum and Michael Batty's talk (Hong Kong 4pm-7pm)
4. April 6, 2020: [Part 2: ONE choice only]: Small group research clinic (Hong Kong 7pm-8pm)
Virginia Dignum
Michael Batty
5. April 8 2020: [Part 1]: Rob Kitchin and Miroslaw Jan Skibniewski's talk (Hong Kong 7pm-10pm)
6. April 8 2020: [Part 2: ONE choice only] Small group research clinic (Hong Kong 10pm-11pm)
Rob Kitchin
Miroslaw Jan Skibniewski
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