Questionnaire about Study in China in 2022

* What is your nationality and how old are you?
* Do you have any plans to study in China before COVID-19 starts?
* Does COVID-19 affect your plan to study in China? What is the biggest impact on your plan?
* If international students still can't come to China in 2022, are you willing to accept online classes first?
* What kind of information do you want to get about studying in China in 2022 ?
* What kind of service do you want CUCAS to provide in the process of university application? For example, course video introduction, article introduction, teacher's Q & A reply, etc.
* If you want to study in China, what course do you want to apply?  【多选题】
* If you want to study in China, when do you want to submit your application?  【多选题】
* What channels did you know about this questionnaire? 【多选题】
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