Survey: How attractive is China for investments? 中国作为您未来的投资地点是否具有吸引力?






Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

With USD 163 billion, China has received the most foreign direct investment in the world in the year 2020, surpassing the United States (USD 134 billion) for the first time in history. Recent figures show that foreign companies continue to heavily invest in China with over USD 93 billion in the first 6 months. Will this trend continue, and do Swiss companies continue to invest in the Chinese market?

To find out more about the investment trends among our member companies, we came up with a short survey. We would appreciate if you take a moment to answer these questions.

Thank you.

Best regards,

SwissCham Shanghai
1. How do you rate the current investment climate in mainland China? 您如何评价中国大陆目前的投资环境?
2. When your company is investing, is it: 您的公司进行投资是为了:
3. What are the main reasons for your investments in mainland China? (click all that apply) 您在中国大陆投资的主要原因是什么? 【多选题】
4. Have investments been postponed or canceled because of international or national travel restrictions or visa restrictions in relation to COVID-19? 您是否因与疫情有关的国际或国内旅行限制或签证限制而推迟或取消投资?
5. What city / region is your preferred investment location in mainland China? (click all that apply) 您在中国大陆的首选投资地点是哪些城市/地区? 【多选题】
6. If your company has invested in mainland China in the last 5 years, what kind of investment was it? (click all that apply) 如果如果您的公司在过去 5 年中在中国大陆有投资,请问投资类型是什么? 【多选题】
7. How much did you invest in the last 5 years? 您在过去的5年中投资的金额大致为?
8. Do you have plans to invest in mainland China in the next… 如您有计划在中国大陆投资,请问您计划在何时进行?
9. If you plan to invest in mainland China in the future, how big will the investment be? 如果您打算将来中国大陆投资,投资金额大致为?
10. Which factors might jeopardize future investments in mainland China? (click all that apply) 您认为以下哪些因素可能危及未来在中国大陆的投资? 【多选题】
11. Specific to your company and industry, where do your most fierce competitors come from: (click all that apply) 对于您的公司和行业,您最激烈的竞争对手从何而来: 【多选题】
12. In addition to mainland China, where should your company invest to ensure future growth? (click all that apply) 除了中国大陆以外,贵公司还应当在哪里投资以确保未来的发展? 【多选题】