Fitueyes New Adjustable Electric Desks Questionnaire

We are Fitueyes Brand. The innovation of the Fitueyes team will never stop in the new year, we will devote our efforts and continue to bring you outstanding products. This is the reason why we luanch this online survey, we want to hear voice from customers in both North America and Eurpoe market, giving us some optimization advice on new electric desk products. Once your advice has been adopted, it will make changes directly to our products. We will select 10 excellent answer sheets and give every participant 50$/CA$/£/ € off coupon. Please leave your personal information at the end of questionnaire, we will contact you as soon as poosible. Thanks for taking your time. 
Where are you based?
What is your gender?
What is your age?
If you need to buy an electric desk, which scenario will it be applied to?
The pictures below show two new Fitueyes electric desks:Eiffel-ED Series and Eiffel-ED Pro Series. Which one do you prefer to buy?

Regarding to Eiffel-ED Series, which color do you prefer?
What is the most attractive thing about Eiffel-ED Series electric desk?
How much are you willing to spend on the Eiffel-ED electric desk?
Regarding to Eiffel-ED Pro Series, which color do you prefer? 
What is the most attactive thing about Eiffel-ED Pro Series electric desk?
How much are you willing to spend on the Eiffel-ED Pro Series electric desk?
What desk top length do you need?
What material do you want the desk top to be made of?
What features do you think an electric desk need to have?  【Multiple】
What is the interior design style in your home?
If the electric desks can be freely matched with accessories, inlcuding drawers/casters/screens... etc, do you need some of them?
What features do you think these two electric desks need to have or be optimized?
Will you recommend these two adjustable electric desks to others and why?
Can you share one of your favorite home furnishing brands?
If you don't like either of above two products, what type of electric desks would you like to buy?
What is your name?
What is your email address?