University of Haifa Student Accommodation Options

We are excited to welcome you to the University of Haifa for the upcoming year!

Below you you can view information on on-campus student dormitories and an off-campus housing option. Please note that you can additionally look for off-campus housing independently if you prefer.

Arrival date for students arriving to Israel for the upcoming academic year is set tentatively for October 4, 2021. Please select your housing option and submit the form by July 8th to reserve your spot.

On-Campus Student Dormitories
There are three on-campus dormitory complexes are open to reservation for international graduate students. Students that do not require to quarantine according to regulations issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health can reserve any of the three available options. Students that are required to quarantine can reserve Talia dormitories only. Students, who at the end of the two-week quarantine period are willing to file a request to move from Talia to other types of dormitories will be transferred based on room availability.

The apartment lease at the dorms is subject to a signed Dorms contract between the dorms and the student for the lease period of October 4th - September 15th. For further information, please refer to the Dorms Contract and the payment schedule >>.

The monthly rent includes: Electricity, Water, Municipal Tax, Internet

* full name
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if off-campus diana seaport apartments, choose duration of stay
if you have any request or consideration, please leave a comment here.