10x1000 FinTech Foundation Online Program

We are excited that you are interested in this program. Please find program highlights and a link to our program brochure below to learn more about it. We welcome you to fill up the online nomination form here together with the required recommendation letter. You can either nominate your colleagues on your company's behalf or nominate yourself. We hope to see you all in the upcoming class soon!

Next program date:
• 24th May 2021

Who should consider to attend:
Frontline tech staff and mid-level management.

What will you learn:
• Why digitalization is creating new opportunities in inclusion.
• What technology makes financial inclusion possible.
• How to leverage this technology to create new solutions.

Program agenda:
• 4-week online course, no more than five hours weekly.
• In the first three weeks, every week there will be 2-3 self-study video lessons from Monday to Thursday, a group discussion, a live Q&A and a quiz on Friday.
• In the fourth week, there will be a capstone project teamwork from Monday to Thursday, capstone team presentation on Friday.

Who are we looking for:
The program welcomes who are:
• Experienced in fintech/digital economy business, and a team leader or a senior individual contributor.
• Have strong technical skills and active contributor to the company’s mission.
• Have great communication/presentation skills, and willingness to share.
• Strong desire to learn, and commitment to continuous self-improvement.
• Recommendation letter from company’s CTO or direct supervisor.
• Willingness to share back to companies after learning from 10x1000.
• Willingness to share in the 10x1000 community.

Program costs:
• Tuition fee  (10x1000 Tech for Inclusion is a CSR initiative)

Not covered (costs you must personally cover):
• Participant's internet connection fee in your local country.

Learn more about this program here: 
Nomination Form for Fintech Foundation Online Program
May 2021 Class

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Step 2: Supervisor's Recommendation
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Based on the enrollment requirements, the top 5 reasons I recommend him/her are:

By nominating this person, I hope he/she can have the following actions upon his/her completion of this 10 x 1000 Fintech Foundation Program:
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3. __________________________________________

Greatly appreciate your consideration for his/her candidacy.


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