As an employee, would you like to pursue advanced studies in China?

Hi, currently we are working closely with Chinese universities to provide programs to employees and help them to pursue advanced studies in China, if you are also an employee who wants to pursue higher education in China and get better job opportunities in China, please fill this questionnaire to help us design the program better!
* 1. Are you an employee or a student? 
* 2. Where are you from? 
* 3. How old are you?
* 4. What degree are you pursuing?
* 5. What program do you want to study in China? 
* 6. When do you have time for class? 
* 7. How many hours do you have for study the program per week? 
* 8. What is your budget for tuition fee per year?
* 9. Which kind of class do you prefer?
10. Do you have any other suggestions?