Call for participation: A proposed CLIVAR Exchanges issue

on highlighting Ocean Research, Data and Networks of Antarctic Programs

The CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region panel is planning to organize a special issue of CLIVAR Exchanges, aiming at highlighting research, data and networks of less developed Antarctic programs providing novel insight on physical and biogeochemical processes of the Southern Ocean.
The Southern Ocean is a key region of the global overturning circulation as it connects all major ocean basins, has a unique role in Earth’s heat and carbon budget and exports the densest water mass, the Antarctic Bottom Water. Recent research has proven that oceanic heat is a major factor in Antarctic ice melt. West Antarctica, in particular the Antarctic Peninsula, has become a hot spot of global warming with implications for the local environment. Several nations maintain stations there to monitor the ongoing changes to provide important ground truth to satellite products, weather prediction networks and climate models.
We welcome a wide range of contributions either reviewing historical and current research or reporting novel scientific findings made in the Southern Ocean:
• latest research highlights in physical or biogeochemical oceanography
• networking and educational efforts on international level
• sharing experiences and challenges in expanding Southern Ocean programs

We particularly invite contributions from developing as well as newly emerging programs and those based in southern hemisphere countries.

Additional remarks:
● contributions should have a scientific focus
● contributions should also contain brief biographies of authors to highlight the diversity/inequality aspect of this issue
● authors should have possibility to share and advance ideas of how to reduce inequality, improve global networking and awareness for smaller national programs
● the CLIVAR Exchanges is an un-refereed means of rapidly disseminating scientific results and information about the CLIVAR programme and related science and organisational issues. Please read the previous issues here.
Thus we would like to ask for your participation and gathering some information for the editorial introduction of the issue. Please take 2 mintues to fill in "yes" or "no" for the following questoins, and leave your contact if you like. Very much appreciated. 
This system will be closed on March 10, 2022.
Now the deadline is extended to March 25.
Do you / the scientists of your institution / your country have a research plan or special interest in the Southern Ocean and/or Antarctica?
Do you consider that your / your institution's / your country's efforts are sufficient for your research on the Southern Ocean and/or Antarctica to be recognized by and integrated in the international science community?
Do you / your colleagues have the impression that your research is less well received or known by the international community as the research of other scientists / institutions / countries and that this is because of the country you live in / represent?
Are you / your institution / your country interested in participating in a CLIVAR Exchanges issue to highlight your work and experienced inequality?
Please leave your contact if you like
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