Questionnaire for Study in China Preparatory Programs

The news indicates that all International students applying for bachelor degree programs must take an online entrance exam before getting accepted by Chinese universities in 2025. So preparatory programs for studying in China might become more important than before, please take 1 minute to complete this questionnaire so that we can know what kind of preparatory programs might be the best choice for you and provide you with the programs you need.
1. Are you willing to take a preparatory program for the entrance exam before getting accepted by Chinese universities? 
A. Yes
B. No
C. Other
2. If you have to take a preparatory program, how long preparatory program you can accept?
A. 1 Year
B. 1 Semester
C. 3 Months
D. Other
3. What type of preparatory programs will you choose? 
A. Online preparatory program
B. On-campus preparatory programs
C. Video recording preparatory programs
D. Preparatory programs I can join during my high school
E. Other
4. Please leave your other opinions about the study in China entrance exam and preparatory programs.
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