BitMart Platform API Documentation Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for using BitMart's API service. We value your business and want to ensure your satisfaction. We hope you can give us your suggestions and look forward to your participation!
1. Your account?
Fill in the registered mobile phone number, email address and cid
2. What are you using the API for?
Individual API Trader
3. How long did it take you to access the API?
within 1 week
within 2 week
within 3 week
within 4 week
within 5 week
within 6 week
4. What factors affect the speed of your API access?
*【Please select 1-5 item】
Not familiar enough with trading rules
Document description is not clear enough
The interface is not fully functional
Access code logic is complex
There is no corresponding official SDK
5. Do you have suggestions or comments for improving the API documentation?
6. How satisfied are you with the API documentation?
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
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