WAEF 2023 Partnership Form 合作方申请表

Welcome to The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) 2023

Contact: waef2023@inspirees.com
联系我们: waef2023@inspirees.com
1. Basic personal information 个人基本信息*【Choose at least 5 items】
Name 姓名
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Country 国家
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Organization/Department 组织/机构
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Email 电子邮箱
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Other contacts in the organization 机构其他负责人联系方式
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2. What kind of partnership are you interested in? Please indicate details. 您的合作意向是?可补充具体内容。*【Please select 1-5 item】
Curate/co-organize online session 共同策划/组织线上论坛
Curate/co-organize in-person event at your institution 在贵机构共同策划/组织线下活动
Affiliation program (selling event tickets to your members) 联盟计划,向您的会员出售论坛门票
Ads exchange 互换广告
Others 其他
3. How many members/students affiliated in your organization/program you can reach to inform about WAEF 2023? 您的组织/项目中,可链接多少名会员/学员宣传WAEF2023?*
4. If your institution would like to host an in-person event, how many participants can you accommodate? 如贵机构/单位有意举办线下活动,其场地可容纳多少人参与?*
5. Are there any funds available to organize and support the in-person event in your organization? 贵机构/单位是否有资金用于组织和支持举办线下活动?*
6. What events has your institution organized in the past? Please indicate details. 贵机构/单位曾经组织过哪些活动?请补充具体内容。*【Please select 1-2 item】
Online 线上
In-person 线下
7. Other suggestions 其他建议
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