2022 Red Scarf读者问卷




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2. 抽奖将会在8月19日之后的一周内进行,获奖人将由英国Red Scarf随机抽取。
3. 获奖人名单将会在2022年8月22日 – 8月26日内公布在英国 Red Scarf微博和英国 Red Scarf小红书上公布。
4. 获奖人会由英国Red Scarf在2022年8月22日 - 8月26日内通过邮件联络。
5. 如获奖人被联系后5个工作日内不回复英国Red Scarf或提供有效英国邮寄地址,则视为自动放弃。
6. 奖品将会在获奖人提供英国有效邮寄地址后尽快寄出,但英国Red Scarf无法保证邮寄速度,如奖品在邮寄途中丢失、损害,英国Red Scarf无法对此负责。
7. 抽奖奖品不可兑换成现金,不可转送他人。特殊情况下如奖品无法被提供,英国Red Scarf持有可更换同等价值礼物的权利。
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So we don't waste your time, please take a minute to fill in the section below to see if you're 
eligible to take part in this survey.
Are you currently living in the UK?*
If you're currently not in the UK, do you plan to come to the UK soon? *
1. 性别 Gender*
2. 年龄段 Age range*
3. 来自哪个城市?
Which city in the world are you from?*
4. 现在居住在英国哪个城市?
Which UK city are you in now?*
5. 在英国多久了?
How long have you been in the UK?*
6. 持有哪种居留权
What type of Visa are you holding?*
7. 在新冠前,平均回老家的频率
Before COVID, how often would you go back to your hometown on average?*
请备注 Please specify:*
8. 在新冠前,通常会在什么时间段回老家? (选1-2项
Before COVID, when do you usually go back to your hometown? (1-2 answers)*【请选择1-2项】
暑假期间 During the summer holiday
圣诞新年期间 Between Christmas & New Year
农历新年期间 During the Chinese New Year period
复活节期间 During Easter
年假期间 During my annual leave
自己安排时间 I'm flexible with my time
其他 Other
9. 受教育的程度 Education level:*
10. 职业 Occupation*
Part 2

This part will give us a better understanding of your needs and wants in life in the UK, which
will help us provide you with more appropriate information, insights and tips.
1. 如果你在英国遇到生活上的难题,或其他日常问题,你更愿意去哪里查询? (选1-3项)
If you need information on life in the UK, where will you go for help? (1-3 answers)*【请选择1-3项】
发朋友圈 Post a query on my social media
小红书 RED
微信 Wechat
微博 Weibo
知乎 Zhihu
抖音 Douyin
谷歌 Google
雅虎 Yahoo
百度 Baidu
询问家人朋友 Ask friends and family
其他 Other
2. 你对英国哪方面的信息最感兴趣?(1-5项)
What type(s) of information about the UK that you are most interested in? (1-5 answers)*【请选择1-5项】
新闻资讯类 News
文化类 Culture
学习类 Study
工作商业类 Work/Business
医疗健康类 Medical/Health
签证类 Visas
生活杂事类 Lifestyle
购物类 Shopping
美容护理类 Beauty
玩乐活动类 Entertainment
社交类 Social
旅游类 Travel
美食类 Food & Drink
母婴类 Mother & Baby
宠物类 Pets
其他 Other
3. 你最经常上的社交平台是? (选1-3项)
Which social media platform do you go on the most? (1-3 answers)*【请选择1-3项】
小红书 RED
微博 Weibo
微信 Wechat
知乎 Zhihu
抖音 Douyin
其他 Other
4. 你更倾向于英国相关信息以什么方式呈现?(选1-2项)
In what format do you prefer to get UK information on? (1-2 answers)*【请选择1-2项】
文字加图片 Text & mage format
视频 Video format
音频 Audio format
其他 Other
5. 你在英国哪方面最需要帮助?
What kind of help that you need the most in the UK?*
6. 你对哪种线下活动有兴趣?(选1-3项目)
What type(s) of offline event/activity are you interested in? (1-3 answers)*【请选择1-3项】
主题趴体 Themed parties
夜店 Clubbing
学习类活动 Study related events, e. g. inter-university student get-together, competitions, etc.
音乐剧/话剧/音乐会/电影 Theatre/concert/play/cinema day
交友类活动 Social & dating related activities
旅游活动 Travel related activities
品牌活动 Brand/commercial type of activities, e. g. private sale, private fashion/beauty shows, etc.
聚餐/食评/品酒活动 Food & drink related activities, e. g. dinner parties, food & wine tasting, etc.
娱乐活动 Entertainment related activities
其他 Other
7. 请问你目前是否有加入英国本地的微信群?
Are you part of any topic based wechat group(s) right now?*
8. 如果英国Red Scarf开设微信群,你更有兴趣加入以下哪个??(1-3项)
If Red Scarf were to set up wechat group(s), what type(s) of group would you be interested in joining? (1-3 answers)*【请选择1-3项】
折扣分享 Shopping deals
生活资讯分享 Life information
新生交流 New students group
回国航班 Flights information
租房/二手车类交流 Home/car information
社交活动/相亲类交流 Social/dating
其他 Other
Part 3
This part will help us gain a better idea of your shopping habits, this will make sure that we provide you with more tailored information in the future.
1. 新冠有没有改变你的消费习惯?
Has COVID affected your shopping behaviour?*
2. 经历新冠后,你每月的花销大概是多少?(不包含房租、学费、伙食费、其他固定费用)
Since COVID, what is your disposable spending in a month? (excl. tuition/rent and other monthly household expenses, etc.)*
3. 经历新冠后,你每月主要花销在哪些方面?(不包含房租、学费、伙食费、其他固定费用)(选1-5项)
Since COVID, what do you spend the most on in a month? (excl. tuition/rent and other monthly household expenses, etc.) (1-5 choices)*【请选择1-5项】
餐厅饮食 Restaurant
外卖 Takeaway
美妆护肤 Beauty & Skincare
服装配饰 Fashion & Accessories
奢侈品 (高端包包,服饰,鞋,手表,电子产品等)Luxury (high-end bags, clothes, shoes, watches, electronic products, etc.)
保健品 Health Supplements
保健养生 (健身,瑜伽等)Health & Wellness (Gym/Yoga, etc.)
美容桑拿按摩 Facial, SPA & Massage
美发美甲 Hair & Nails
医美 Cosmetic dentistry & procedures (botox, fillers, etc.)
文艺娱乐(看展、看剧、看演唱会等) Theatre, Exhibition & Concert
户外活动(徒步、蹦极、跳伞等体验项目) Outdoor activities
宠物用品 Pets
旅游 Travel/holiday related (flights, trains/car, hotels, etc.)
电子产品,电器 Gadgets & Appliances
电子游戏 Games (board games, computer games, etc.)
文具书籍 Book & Stationery
母婴产品 Mum & Baby
家居用品 Homeware
其他 Other
4. 一般来说,你更愿意网购还是逛实体店?
In general, do you prefer to shop online or instore? *
On average, how many times would you shop online per month?*
平均每月你会逛几次实体店 (不包括逛超市)?
On average, how many times would you go shopping in-store (excl. grocery shopping) per month?*
5. 消费时,哪些因素会让你买下一件产品?(选1-2项)
When shopping, what will usually trigger you to make a purchase? (1-2 answers)*【请选择1-2项】
产品的外表 Look & feel of the product
品牌 The brand (image)
性价比 Value for money
折扣度 Big discount
实用性 Practical
我喜欢 I like it
其他 Other
6. 你通常会在哪里找折扣信息?(选1-3项)
Where do you look for information on deals in the UK? (1-3 answers)*【请选择1-3项】
网上搜索 Online keyword search (google/baidu/yahoo, etc.)
折扣网站 Deal websites
小红书 RED
微博 Weibo
微信 WeChat
抖音 Douyin
其他 Other
我不找折扣 I don't search for deals
Part 4
让我们知道Red Scarf在你心目中的形象,有助于我们接下来的成长和提高!
Knowing what you think of us will help us grow and continue to do better!
1. 你是什么时候知道Red Scarf的?
When did you discover Red Scarf?*
2. 你是怎么接触到Red Scarf的?(选1-2项)
How did you find Red Scarf? (1-2 answers)*【请选择1-2项】
亲朋推荐 Through friends/family
在社交媒体搜到的 Through social media
在网上搜到的 Through searching online
留学中介推荐 Through overseas studies organisations
签证中心推荐 Through visa centres
语言中心/老师推荐 Through language institutes/teacher
其他 Other
3. 你通常在Red Scarf平台关注哪些信息?(选1-3项)
What type(s) of content do you mainly look for on Red Scarf? (1-3 answers)*【请选择1-3项】
英国新闻 UK news
英国文化 UK culture
英国健康 UK health
英国签证 UK visas
英国生活 UK life
英国购物 UK shopping
英国美容护理 UK beauty/spa/facial
英国玩乐活动 UK entertainment/activities
英国旅游 UK travel
英国美食 UK food & drinks
其他 Other
4. 你有在看过Red Scarf的内容后,进行消费吗?(餐饮,出游,购物等类别)
Have you ever try out something after reading Red Scarf's content (e. g. a restaurant/bar, hotel, an activity, an event, or bought a new product, etc.) ?*
5. 你最常访问Red Scarf哪个平台?
Which Red Scarf platform do you go on the most?*
6. 你觉得Red Scarf对你的英国生活起到了多大的帮助?(1. 完全没有帮助,2. 没什么帮助,3. 各占一半,4. 有帮助,5. 非常有帮助)
How helpful do you think Red Scarf is to you when it comes to information and life in the UK? *
完全没帮助 No help at all(1)
非常有帮助 Very helpful(5)
7. 你会向别人推荐Red Scarf吗?
Would you recommend Red Scarf to someone else?*
8. Red Scarf给你的感觉是什么?
When you think of Red Scarf, what do you feel?*
9. 你有什么其他想跟委员说的吗?
Is there anything else that you'd like to say to Red Scarf?
10. 你愿意收到Red Scarf的Newsletter吗?
Would you like to receive the Red Scarf Newsletter?*
11. 你是否愿意Red Scarf后续联系你,进行更多关于问卷回答的讨论?
Could Red Scarf reach out to you if we'd like to find out more about any of your answers?*
12. 将来你是否有兴趣参加由Red Scarf组织的焦点小组讨论活动?
Would you be interested in taking part in any focus group (research) organised by Red Scarf*