National University of Singapore (Chongqing) Research Institute 新加坡国立大学重庆研究院

Name of Project/Position【多选题】
Associate Researcher of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials 先进制造与材料研发中心 副研究员 第一类
① Flame combustion synthesis of nanomaterials 纳米材料的火焰燃烧合成
② Nanostructured catalytic materials, energy materials, and catalysis for sustainable energy 纳米催化材料、能源材料和可持续能源催化
③ Energy storage materials 储能材料
④ Solid-state batteries 固态电池
⑤ Development of AI-based predictive analytics algorithms for the physical-chemical processes during material manufacturing (first-principle calculation, energy band calculation, molecular dynamics simulation, and catalytic mechanism) 材料制造中物理化学过程的人工智能预测算法发展(第一性原理数值计算、能带计算、分子动力学模拟以及催化机理)
Associate Researcher of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials 先进制造与材料研发中心 副研究员 第二类
① Thermal management of battery module in electric vehicles 电动车电池模块的热管理
② Robot-assisted laser cladding 机器人辅助激光熔覆
③ Digital twin for laser cladding process simulation and online monitoring 激光熔覆过程仿真及在线监控的数字孪生
④ 3D printing technologies for metal and non-metal implants 金属和非金属的可植入人体3D打印技术
⑤ On-line monitoring technology of the forming process and feasible method 成形过程在线监测技术与实现方法
Associate Researcher of the Center for Intelligent Sensing and Artificial Intelligence 智能传感与人工智能研发中心 副研究员
① Development and application of spintronic materials and devices and advanced magnetic sensors 自旋电子学材料与器件、先进磁传感器的开发与应用
② Application of intelligent sensing and machine learning in the field of healthcare 智能传感及机器学习在医疗健康邻域的应用
③ Artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, medical image analysis, and multimedia computing 人工智能、计算机视觉、机器学习、医学图像分析和多媒体计算
④ Flexible and wearable electronics and energy materials and devices 柔性与可穿戴电子学和能源材料与器件
⑤ Intelligent microwave sensing technology 智能的微波感知技术
⑥ Efficient wireless transmission 高效无线输能
Associate Researcher of the Center for Modern Logistics 现代物流研发中心 副研究员
① New channel management 新渠道管理
② Analysis and management of shared platforms 共享平台分析与管理
③ Construction and management of sustainable supply chains 永续供应链建造与管理
④ Decision prejudice in operation and management 运营管理中的决策偏见
⑤ Fairness and competition in supply chains 供应链中的公平与竞争
⑥ Incentives for innovation and process design 创新的激励与过程设计
⑦ Blockchain and federated learning & Optimization of supply chains and production systems 区块链和联邦学习&供应链及生产系统优化
⑧ Data-driven supply chain optimization 数据驱动的供应链优化
⑨ Last-mile delivery during the smart city operations 智慧城市运营中的“最后一公里”交付
Associate Researcher of the Center for Finance and Financial Risk Management 金融与金融风险管理研发中心 副研究员
① Dynamic time series prediction methods and models 动态时间序列预测方法和模型
② High-dimensional data modeling and analysis 高维数据建模和分析
③ High-frequency data analysis and prediction 高频数据分析和预测
④ Machine learning algorithm and neural network modeling 机器学习算法及神经网络建模
⑤ Functional data analysis and network analysis 功能数据分析和网络分析
⑥ Risk management 风险管理
⑦ Pricing of financial derivatives 金融衍生品定价
⑧ Dynamic portfolio selection 动态投资组合选择
⑨ Cryptocurrency and blockchain 加密货币和区块链
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