WEI Platform User Experience Questionnaire

Dear Madam/Sir,

In March 2021, GEIDCO launched the “World of Energy Interconnection (WEI)” platform (www.geidcp.com), as an authoritative and professional website for resource-sharing and exchanges in the energy and power sector. With highlighting contents in four categories, data, information, project and knowledge, in hoping to better meet the needs of platform users, we plan to enhance and update WEI platform’s content sections and system in the near future.

For better user experiences, through this questionnaire, we kindly hope you could share with us your valuable suggestions and feedbacks to improve this platform. Your participation is much appreciated.
I. Basic Information
1. Your institution/organization/company*
2. Contact info. (email address)*
3. Country*
4. Industry sector*
5. Institution/organization/company size(number of employees)*
Less than 50
More than 2,000
6. Have you ever heard of or used the WEI platform before?*
If yes, please answer questions 7 to 10, otherwise skip to question 11.
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