WAEF 2023 Proceedings Editor Form 论文集编辑申请表

Welcome to The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) 2023

Contact: waef2023@inspirees.com
联系我们: waef2023@inspirees.com
1. Basic personal information 个人基本信息*【Please select 1-5 item】
Name 姓名
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Country 国家
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Organization 组织
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Email 电子邮箱
Other contact information 其他联系方式
2. Which area would you want to get involved in? 您感兴趣/研究的领域是?*【Please select 1-4 item】
Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy 舞蹈治疗
Creative Movement 创意舞动
LBMS/MPA 拉班/芭特妮芙动作体系
Authentic Movement 真实动作
3. Which role/work are you interested in? Please indicate details. 您感兴趣的工作角色/内容是?可补充具体内容。*【Please select 1-5 item】
Co-editor 联合编辑
Reviewer 审阅人
Copy/language editor 文案/语言编辑
Editorial assistant (coordination with authors, technical support, proofreading etc.) 编辑助理(与作者协调、技术支持、校对等)
Others 其他
4. Your experiences related to editorial/publishing 您在编辑/出版方面的工作经验有:*
5. Other suggestions 其他建议
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