2023 Swiss Business in China Survey

Note: In this survey, “China” refers to Chinese Mainland; “Foreign” refers to all overseas economies, including Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), and Macao (China).
Company Structure and Business
Q1.1 Your company's biggest ownership/your company main Headquarters is from/in:
Chinese Mainland / 中国大陆
Hong Kong (China) / 香港(中国)
Taiwan (China) / 台湾(中国)
Switzerland / 瑞士
Germany / 德国
Austria / 奥地利
France / 法国
Italy / 意大利
Benelux / 比利时,荷兰或卢森堡
Other European Union (please specify): / 其他欧盟国家(请具体说明):
UK / 英国
North America / 北美
Japan / 日本
Other Asia (please specify): / 其他亚洲国家(请具体说明):
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Q1.3 Is your company listed?
Q1.4 For how many years has your company been operating in China?
Before 1980 / 1980年以前
1980~1990 / 1980年至1990年间
1991~2000 / 1991年至2000年间
2001~2005 / 2001年至2005年间
2006~2010 / 2006年至2010年间
2011~2015 / 2011年至2015年间
2016~2020 / 2016年至2020年间
2021~present / 2021年至今
Q1.5 In which sector is your company's main business?
Services (incl. trading) / 服务业(含贸易)
Manufacturing (making products) / 制造业(生产商品)
Both services and manufacturing / 服务业和制造业
Q1.6 Compared with other companies in the same industry, your company's main products/services belong to:
High-end / 高端
Mid-end / 中端
Low-end / 低端
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Q1.7 Your China company's or agent/distributor’s main clients are:
Individuals (B2C) / 个人(B2C)
Companies/Organizations (B2B) / 公司或机构(B2B)
Both individuals (B2C) and companies/organizations (B2B) / 个人(B2C)和公司或机构(B2B)
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q1.8 What is the contribution of business-in-China to your global company's 2022 revenue?
100% (my company has operations only in China) / 100%(我公司仅在中国大陆运营)
75% to 99% / 75%至99%
50% to 74% / 75%至99%
25% to 49% / 25% 至 49%
0% to 24% / 0% 至24%
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q1.9 What is the contribution of business-in-China to your global company's 2022 profit?
100% (my company has operations only in China) / 100%(我公司仅在中国大陆运营)
75% to 99% / 75%至99%
50% to 74% / 50%至74%
25% to 49% / 25%至49%
0% to 24% / 0%至24%
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Sales Profitability & Investments
Q2.1 What are your company's forecasted total China sales for 2022?
Less than 10 million RMB / 少于1,000万元人民币
10 to 29 million RMB / 1,000万至2.99亿元人民币
30 to 299 million RMB / 3亿至11.99亿元人民币
300 to 1’199 million RMB / 3亿至12亿元人民币
More than 1’200 million RMB / 超过12亿元人民币
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.2 What do you expect the final result of your company's China sales to be for 2022 when compared to 2021?
Substantially Higher (more than 15%) / 大幅增长(超过15%)
Higher (from 3% to 15%) / 增加(3%至15%)
Almost the same (from -2% to 2%) / 几乎相同(-2%至2%)
Lower (from -3% to -15%) / 降低(-3%至-15%)
Substantially lower (less than -15%) / 大幅降低(超过-15%)
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.3 As of today in 2022, what percentage of your China business is done online in 2022?
0% to 4% / 0%至4%
5% to 19% / 5%至19%
20% to 49% / 20%至49%
50% to 79% / 50%至79%
80% or above / 80%或以上
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.4 As of today in 2022, What percentage of your global business (excl. China) business is done online in 2022?
0% to 4% / 0%至4%
5% to 19% / 5%至19%
20% to 49% / 20%至49%
50% to 79% / 50%至79%
80% or above / 80%或以上
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.5 How do you expect your company’s China profit in 2023 compared with 2022?
Substantially Higher (more than 15%) / 大幅增长(超过15%)
Higher (from 3% to 15%) / 增长(3%到15%)
Almost the same (from -2% to 2%) / 几乎相同(-2%到2%)
Lower (from -3% to -15%) / 降低(-3%降至-15%)
Substantially lower (less than -15%) / 大幅降低(超过-15%)
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.6 What investments do you plan for 2023 in China?
Decrease or close operations / 减少或关停运营
Stay the same (from -2% to 2%) / 保持不变(-2%至2%)
Increase investments by 3-9% / 增长3%至9%
Increase investments by 10-19% / 增长10%至19%
Increase investments by 20-29% / 增长20%至29%
Increase investments by 30% or more / 增长30%或以上
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.7 Due to geopolitical conflict/tensions, how do you change your investment plans in China?
Increase planned investment / 增加计划投资
No change in planned investment / 计划投资不变
Postpone planned investments / 推迟计划投资
Cancel some planned investments / 取消部分计划投资
Cancel all planned investments / 取消全部计划投资
Not applicable / 不适用
Q2.8 How does China rank in your company's global investment plans?
First priority / 第一优先位置
Second or Third priority / 优先度排在第二或第三位
One among many investment destinations / 众多的投资目的地之一
Not a high priority / 优先度不高
Challenges & Success Factors
Q3.1 What are the greatest external challenges your company is facing in China? (Select up to 5 from the list)
贵公司在中国大陆面临的最大外部挑战是什么?(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
Corruption and unfair practices / 腐败和不公平做法
Economy slowdown in China / 中国经济放缓
Fierce competition / 激烈的竞争
Government policies, regulatory environment and barriers / 政府政策和监管环境
IP infringements and plagiarism / 知识产权侵权和抄袭
Rising labor and other costs / 劳动力和其他成本上升
RMB fluctuation / 人民币波动
Trade conflict with U.S. or other regions / 与美国或其他国家与地区的贸易冲突
Geopolitical tensions / 地缘政治紧张局势
Pandemic-related disruptions / 疫情相关限制
Import substitution/pressure to produce locally in China / 进口替代或在中国本土生产的压力
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q3.2 What are the most significant internal challenges your company is facing in China? (Select up to 5 from the list)
贵公司在中国面临的最大内部挑战是什么?(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
Corporate governance (maintaining/ proper standards in the company) / 公司治理(保持公司内适当的标准)
Distribution difficulties and issues / 分销困难和问题
Sourcing difficulties and issues / 采购困难和问题
Financing difficulties and other finance related issues / 融资困难和其他与融资有关的问题
Finding and retaining the right human resources / 找到并留住合适的人力资源
Lack of innovation capability in the organization / 组织内缺乏创新能力
Lack of marketing capability or poor market understanding / 缺乏营销能力或对市场了解不足
Lack of understanding and support from Head Office / 缺乏总部的理解和支持
Changing group strategy towards China / 集团改变中国区战略
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q3.3 What are the most important factors for your company’s success in China? (Select up to 5 success factors from the list)
贵公司在中国取得成功的最重要因素是什么?(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
Brand and awareness creation / 品牌和认知创造
Cost control, productivity and operations efficiency / 成本控制、生产率和运营效率
Good performance and incentive systems / 良好的业绩和激励制度
Having a good partner (Chinese or Foreign) / 有良好的合作伙伴(中国或国外)
Internet/Mobile based business model / 基于互联网或移动互联网的商业模式
Proper selection and training of employees / 正确选择和培训员工
R&D and product innovation / 研发和产品创新
Relationships (Guanxi) and networking / 关系和关系网
Strong company culture and values / 强大的企业文化和价值观
Superior quality of the products/services / 卓越的产品或服务质量
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q3.4 Do you have any legal disputes in China?
Yes / 是
No / 否
Q3.5 If you should have been facing legal disputes in China: how do you estimate your chances of success when taking legal action in China in these situations?
Efficient and helpful instrument / 高效且很有帮助
Might be helpful but uncertain chances of success / 可能有帮助,但成功的机会不确定
Very low chances of success / 成功的机会非常低
Not applicable / 不适用
China’s Business Environment & Confidence Level
Q4.1 How do you feel about the progress of China’s economic reform in 2022 compared to 2021?
Good progress / 进展良好
Slow progress / 进展缓慢
No progress / 没有进展
Going backwards / 倒退
Do not know / 不知道
Q4.3 Compared with 2021, has it become easier in 2022 for your company to open a new business or get a new license?
Easier / 更容易
No change / 无变化
More difficult / 更困难
Not applicable / 不适用
Q4.4 Compared with 2021, has your company’s burden of paying taxes and fees in China become lighter in 2022?
Lighter / 更轻
No change / 无变化
Heavier / 更重
Not applicable / 不适用
Q4.5 How important is it for your business to build/keep good relationship with Chinese authorities?
Very important - Critical for business success / 非常重要——对业务成功至关重要
Important for business success / 业务成功的重要因素
Good to have, but not important or critical / 有很好,但并不重要或关键
Not important / 不重要
Not applicable / 不适用
Q4.6 In your view, how serious is corruption, in your industry?
Not at all a problem / 根本不是问题
Minor problem / 小问题
Moderate problem / 中等问题
Serious problem / 严重问题
Not applicable / 不适用
Q4.7 In your view, how is corruption in your industry in 2022 compared with 2021?
Much less than 2021 / 远低于2021年
Less than 2021 / 低于2021年
Same / 相同
More than 2021 / 超过2021年
Much more than 2021 / 远超过2021年
Not applicable / 不适用
Q4.8 Looking forward, for the next 5 years, what aspects of China will have the most positive impact on your company’s business operations in China?
Prospects of China’s domestic consumption (so-called "internal circulation") / 中国国内消费前景(“内循环”)
Prospects of China’s further opening-up (so-called "external circulation") / 中国进一步开放的前景("外循环”)
China's management of financial risks such as debt default risk /中国对债务违约风险等金融风险的管理
China's relationship with Western countries especially the U.S. / 中国与西方国家特别是与美国的关系
China's building of independent research and innovation ability / 中国对自主研发创新能力的建设
China's building of an independent supply-chain network / 中国对独立的供应链网络的建设
China's building, industrial internet, of 5G network etc. (so-called “New Infrastructure”) / 中国对5G网络、工业互联网等(“新基础设施”)的建设
National and industry policies / 国家和行业政策
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q4.9 How confident are you that your company's business operations in China will be successful this year (2023)? In the next 5 years? Please click to select the confidence level. 
0 = no confidence ; 10 = 100% confidence
Confidence in my company’s business operations in China in year 2023 / 对我公司2023年在中国大陆的业务运营的信心
Confidence in my company’s business operations in China in year 2023 / 对我公司2023年在中国大陆的业务运营的信心
Confidence in my company’s business operations in China within the next 5 years / 对我公司未来5年在中国大陆的业务运营的信心
Confidence in my company’s business operations in China within the next 5 years / 对我公司未来5年在中国大陆的业务运营的信心
Q4.10 How do you evaluate the governments supporting polices (subsidies, tax reduction etc.) to stimulate your companies’ recovery?
0 = not at all appropriate; 10 = fully appropriate
Appropriateness of the governments supporting polices / 政府相关支持政策合适度
Appropriateness of the governments supporting polices / 政府相关支持政策合适度
Q4.11 What’s the impact of the dynamic zero-COVID policy (lockdowns, testing etc.) on your sales in 2022?
Positive impact (3% or more) / 积极影响(增长3%或更多)
Stay the same (from -2% to 2%) / 保持不变 (-2%至2%)
Decrease by 3-9% / 降低3%至9%
Decrease by 10-19% / 降低10%至19%
Decrease by 20-29% / 降低20%至29%
Decrease by 30% or more / 降低30%或更多
Prefer not to answer / 不予评价
Not applicable / 不适用
Q5.1 How fierce is the competition for your company in China?
Very intense / 非常激烈
Intense / 激烈
Somewhat intense / 有些激烈
Not intense / 不激烈
Not applicable / 不适用
Q5.2 Who are your major competitors in China?
State-owned and state-holding enterprises / 国有和国有控股企业
Chinese private or private holding companies / 中国大陆私人或私人控股公司
Joint ventures / 合资企业
Foreign companies / 外国公司
Competition from imports (through agents or distributors) / 来自进口的竞争(通过代理商或分销商)
We don't have major competitors / 我们没有主要竞争对手
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q6.1 If you do R&D in China, is it for:
China / 中国市场
Rest of the world / 全球其他市场
Both China and rest of the world / 中国与全球其他市场
We don't do R&D in China / 我们公司不在中国开展研发
Not applicable / 不适用
Q6.2 What is the average time for a new product/service to market in China by comparison to your global average?
Significantly faster / 明显更快
Faster / 更快
About the same / 基本相同
Slower / 更慢
Significantly slower / 明显更慢
Not applicable / 不适用
Q6.4 What is the global R&D budget as percentage of the sales generated globally?
0~5% / 0至5%
6~10% / 6至10%
11~15% / 11至15%
Over 15% / 超过15%
Company Positioning & Marketing
Q7.1 What is your market position in China (for your main business line)?
Market leader (biggest market share in your industry) / 市场领导者(占所在行业最大的市场份额)
One of the Top 3 / 前3之一
One of the Top 5 / 前5之一
Others / 其他
Q7.2 What are the most important success factors driving your sales in China? (Select up to 5 factors from the list)
请选择影响贵公司在中国大陆销售成功的最重要因素。(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
Developing a strong brand / 打造强势品牌
Distribution network / 分销网
High quality / 高质量
Low price / 价格低廉
Market research / 市场研究
Marketing, media & advertising campaigns, overall awareness / 营销、媒体和广告活动,整体认知度
Price/quality ratio / 性价比
R&D, developing new product/services adjusted to market / 研发、开发适应市场的新产品或服务
Service (pre- & after-sales) / 服务(售前和售后)
Speed to market / 市场反应速度
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q7.3 What are the most effective marketing activities for your main business in China? (Select up to 5 activities from the list)
哪些营销活动对您的主营业务最为有效?(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
E-mail, newsletter or own magazine / 电子邮件、简讯或自有杂志
Participation in trade fairs / 参加贸易展览会
Public relations activities / 公共关系活动
Seminars, conferences and speeches / 研讨会、会议和演讲
Social media marketing (WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, Live-stream, YouTube, etc.) / 社交媒体营销(微信、微博、直播、Facebook、Twitter、YouTube等)
Traditional advertising (print, TV, radio, outdoors etc.) / 传统广告(印刷、电视、广播、室外等)
Visits to clients or prospective clients / 拜访客户或潜在客户
Web marketing (including Search Engine Optimization) / 网络营销(包括搜索引擎优化)
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q7.4 What are your sales development plans for the future in China?
Sell more in the premium/high-end segment / 在高端市场销售更多
Sell more in the middle segment / 在中端市场销售更多
Sell more in the low-end segment / 在低端市场销售更多
Human Resources
Q8.2 How many employees does your company employ worldwide?
0 to 9 / 0至9
10 to 49 / 10至49
50 to 299 / 50至299
300 to 999 / 300至999
1,000 to 1,999 / 1,000至1,999
2,000 to 4,999 / 2,000至4,999
5,000 to 9,999 / 5,000至9,999
10,000 to 49,999 / 10,000至49,999
50,000 or above / 50,000或以上
Q8.3 What has happened to your company's employee numbers compared with end of 2021?
Significant reduction of 10% or above / 大幅降低10%或以上
Small reduction of 2% to 9% / 小幅降低2%至9%
Almost no change (within 2% up/down) / 几乎没有变化(增长或降低2%以内)
Small increase of 2% to 9% / 小幅增长2%至9%
Large increase of 10% or above / 大幅增长10%或以上
Not applicable / 不适用
Q8.4 What are the most significant human resources issues that your company is facing in China? (Select up to 5 issues from the list)
贵公司在中国大陆面临的主要人力资源问题有哪些?(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
Difficulties in firing employees / 解雇员工的困难
Finding and hiring suitable talents (skills, experience, attitude etc.) / 寻找和雇用合适的人才(技能、经验、态度等)
Generating sufficient commitment and loyalty of staff / 产生员工充分的承诺和忠诚度
Retaining employees / 留住员工
Rising remuneration costs / 薪酬成本上升
Unethical behavior / 不道德行为
Unrealistic expectations of new generation / 新一代不切实际的期望
Other (please specify): /其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Q8.5 What do you forecast the total salary and compensation increase for your China business?
2022 compared to 2021 / 2022年比2021年
2022 compared to 2021 / 2022年比2021年
2023 compared to 2022 / 2023年比2022年
2023 compared to 2022 / 2023年比2022年
Q8.6 What is your total unwanted employee turnover in China?
Q8.7 What is your target for total unwanted employee turnover in 2023?
Q8.8 Which elements do you find most effective in retaining employees? (Select up to 5 elements from the list)
您认为哪些措施在留住员工方面最有效?(最多选择五项)*【Choose at most 5 items】
Company reputation / 公司声誉
Develop a feeling of belonging to the company / 培养对公司的归属感
Employee coaching and mentoring / 员工辅导和指导
Good relationship with direct boss / 与直接上司保持良好关系
Offering good career path in the company / 提供在公司内良好的职业发展道路
Offering work/lifestyle balance / 提供工作与生活平衡
Pay above market / 支付高于市场的报酬
Performance incentives (eg based on KPI) and stock plans / 绩效激励(如基于KPI)和股权计划
Retention bonus & increasing remuneration for longer term employees / 留任奖金和增加长期员工的薪酬
System of rewards and recognition / 奖励和认可制度
Training plans / 培训计划
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Not applicable / 不适用
Respondent Information
Q9.1 What is your position in the company (please choose the closest to your position)?
Principal decision-making role (CEO/ GM/ Main Owner/ Main Partner/ Chief Representative, …) / 主要决策角色(首席执行官、总经理、主要所有者、主要合伙人、首席代表等)
Deputy decision making role (VP/ Vice GM/ Director/ Assistant of GM, …) / 副决策角色(副总裁、副总经理、董事、总经理助理等)
Second level of management (CFO, Head of Sales, CTO, Head of HR, …) / 第二级管理(首席财务官、销售总监、首席技术官、人力资源总监等)
Project Manager/ Business Development Manager/ Product Manager / 项目经理、业务开发经理、产品经理
HR Executive / 人力资源主管
Manufacturing, Operations, Logistics or Engineering Executive / 制造、运营、物流或工程主管
Marketing Executive / Sales Executive/营销主管、销售主管
Finance Executive / 财务主管
R&D Executive / 研发主管
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Q9.2 Where are you based?
Switzerland / 瑞士
Chinese mainland / 中国大陆
Other (please specify): / 其他(请具体说明):
Q9.3 How many years of management experience in China do you have?
Less than 5 years / 少于5年
5-9 years / 5至9年
10-19 years / 10至19年
More than 20 years / 超过20年
Q9.4 Where are you from?
Chinese Mainland / 中国大陆
Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), Taiwan (China) / 香港(中国)、澳门(中国)或台湾(中国)
Switzerland / 瑞士
Other European country / 瑞士以外的其他欧洲国家
America / 美洲
Europe / 欧洲
Asia / 亚洲
Other (please specify): /其他(请具体说明):
Q9.5 What's your gender?
Female / 女性
Male / 男性
Prefer not to disclose / 我不想透露
Q9.5 You are entitled to have a free electronic copy of the results. If you want to receive it, please write down your e-mail address below.
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