N-GEN 2021 | 代表团报名 Registration Form

代表团报名截止时间为 2021 年 8 月 7 日 23:59(北京时间)。领队必须于截止日期前填写报名问卷,并上传代表信息表及学术测试压缩文件。
Please complete and submit the registration on behalf of all team members before 7th August 2021, 23:59 (GMT+8). Please submit the Delegate Information Sheet and a compressed folder consist of all members’ Academic Tests simultaneously.
1.报名须知 Notes on The Registration Form
N-GEN 2021 仅接受团体报名。每所高校仅限一个代表团报名,且每个代表团必须设有一名领队负责跟进沟通事宜。大会不受理来自高校的其他个人报名。
领队需要统计成员所有信息后填写《代表信息表》(点击链接下载模板:https://disk.pku.edu.cn:443/link/73486FC9F4F73A4164FDD061A1442547),同时收集并压缩所有成员的学术测试文件(Word 文档)后,进行统一提交及上传。

N-GEN 2021 only accepts Delegation Registrations. Each university should only apply as one Delegation, and each Delegation should have one Head Delegate who is expected to handle registration and follow-up matters. N-GEN 2021 will not accept Individual Registrations from any school.
May all Head Delegates please complete the Delegate Information Sheet (Download here:https://disk.pku.edu.cn:443/link/73486FC9F4F73A4164FDD061A1442547) and collect the Academic Tests (in Word) of each delegate before completing the registration form.

Please make sure you understand the above information before proceeding to the next step.

If delegates from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas have any questions, please contact the Director of Overseas Delegate Liasion.(community@aimun.org.cn)
我了解了。Yes, I understand.
我不清楚。No, I don't understand.
2.请选择您的报名渠道 Please select your registration channel
中国大陆 Mainland China
港澳台 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
海外 Overseas
3.领队姓名 Head Delegate Name
Please fill in your name in Chinese or English.
4.学校名称(中文) School Name (in Chinese)
Fill in "-" (if none)
5.School Name (in English)
Please fill in the English name of your school. (Please don't use abbreviation.)
6.微信号 WeChat ID
If you don't have WeChat, please fill in "-".
7.常用邮箱 Email
Please indicate your commonly-used email address.
8.电话号码  Phone Number
e.g. (+86)1565233XXXX
9.总申请名额 Total Registration Seats
10. 请确认您是否为领队 Please confirm whether you are the Head Delegate
Please note that a university can only have one Head Delegate.

If you are not the Head Delegate, please contact your Head Delegate as soon as possible.
是的,我是领队。Yes, I am.
不是,我不是领队。No, I am not.
11. 请上传代表信息表 Please upload the Delegate Information Sheet here
File name: “School Name”, e.g. “Peking University”.

Please download the Delegate Information Sheet Template via the link below.
选择文件( 不超过4M )
12. 请上传学术测试文件的压缩文件 Please upload the compressed folder of the Academic Tests here
File name: "School Name", e.g. "Peking University"
选择文件( 不超过4M )
13.是否需要报名观察员或指导老师 Do you need to register a Faculty Advisor or Observer?
是的。Yes, I do.
不是。No,I do not.
14.请上传指导老师或观察员信息表 Please upload the Faculty Advisor or Observer Information Sheet here
File name: "School Name-Observer Information Sheet", e.g. "Peking University-Observer Information Sheet

Please download the Observer Information Sheet Template via the link below.
选择文件( 不超过4M )