2024-Green Learning Awards (GLA) Nomination Form for GO-TKM Davos Forum

Dear friend,

We are very honored to invite you to enter the Green Learning Awards (GLA) at the 2nd Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum, which will take place in Switzerland from Oct 21-22, 2024.

Our goal is to promote green learning around the world for the benefit of humanity. Unlike other forms of learning, Green Learning especially emphasizes the retention and sharing of tacit knowledge, learning on the fly, lifelong learning, and the robustness to unlearn.

We aim to create and enable Green Learning Units (GLU) in every corner of the earth. We believe that experienced professionals’ experiences and wisdom are critical for nurturing younger people and for the growth of an organization.

Green Learning Awards (GLA) are therefore set up to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations that have demonstrated significant achievements in green learning for the benefit of humankind.

This event is organized by the Global Think-tank of Organisational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM), an international non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium, which aims to promote the importance and application of organizational tacit knowledge management in the whole society, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human learning and enhance the well-being of human-being. (www.GO-TKM.org)

Successful nominations will be recognized as Green Learning Award Winners and receive global recognition for outstanding achievements in Green Learning.

You’ll also have the opportunity to benchmark your practice with global peers, join the GO-TKM global networks for improvements, attend the Davos Forum to receive the award, share your best practice in green learning to millions of audiences around the world, and be endorsed by as a global role model in ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance).

Any green learning unit demonstrating significant contributions in promoting/adopting/supporting green learning shall participate. You may nominate yourself or others for the award.

The nomination deadline is CET 23:59 on Sept 30, 2024.

The organizational nomination shall be authorized and validated by the legal entity.

The awards ceremony will occur at the 2nd Tacit Knowledge Management Davos Forum on Oct 21, 2024, in Davos, Switzerland.

Please visit our website (www.GO-TKM.org) to learn more about this event.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the Green Learning Awards (GLA), please contact info@GO-TKM.org

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Standing Committee of
Green Learning Awards,
GO-TKM, Davos Forum
Session 1: Categories of award
Categories of award you are nominating:
A. Individual Award: GLA 2024 — Individual Contribution Award
B. Organisation Award: GLA 2024 — Excellent Practice Award
C. Organisation Award: GLA 2024 — ESG Award
D. Organisation Award: GLA 2024 — Innovation Award
Session 2: Individual Award
 (nominee information)
Name of the nominee:
Nationality of the nominee:
Job title of the nominee:
Organisation name of the nominee:
Email of the nominee:
Session 3: Organisation Award
( organisational nominee information)
Name of the organisation(legal name in full, if possible):
Official website of the organisation:
Main contact person name of the organisation:
Main contact's job title of the organisation:
Main contact e-mail of the organisation:
Session 4: Reasons for the award nomination
Which of the following aspects are you nominating for your nominee?【Multiple】
You may choose one or more
An innovative contribution to the theory of enhancing Green Learning, such as Methodology/ Applications/ Tools.
Excellence practice in Green Learning, such as the number of people involved/benefited and measurable results.
Investments in products/services/solutions/systems enable the effectiveness and efficiency of Green Learning.
Tacit knowledge preservation and transferring inside ( how they demonstrate, website, mentoring programs, etc).
Implementing creative and virtual concepts/spaces to create economic value and social value.
Improve the ESG of the community.
Others (please specify)
Why are you nominating this person/organisation?

* Please include enough details so that the panel of judges can understand your nomination and what makes it special. Please describe the details and provide persuasive rationales in as much detail as possible.

Supporting documents (please provide any supporting documents to validate the above nomination in PDF format):
If supporting pdf file is more than ONE, please e-mail to : info@GO-TKM.org  by indicating your name and the norninated people/Organisation
What is your relationship with this person /or organisation? How do you know about them and for how long? How did you meet them? If they are business partners/employers/family members, this detail must be disclosed to avoid any conflicts of interest.
I agree that GO-TKM may retain my details (following GDPR published in May 2018) to contact me regarding this nomination (please note that we will not be able to contact you without permission for verification or enquiry)
Session 5: Nominator information
Your name:
Your resident country or region:
Your current job title:
Your organisation name:
Your email:
Thank you for your nomination.

Once the panel of judges has decided on the winners of the four awards, your nominee will be notified.

The award ceremony will be held on Oct 21-22, 2024, at the 2nd Tacit Knowledge Management Forum in Davos, Switzerland. All winners will be invited to the site in Davos for the Award!

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