UCAS Online Admission Briefing for International Students

International Students Admission Promotion Week is one of the major events in admission season of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).
This event is held once a year online and lasts usually for 1 week providing Admission Briefings to applicants.
1. Full Name*
2. Nationality*
3. E-mail address*
4. Current Employer/Higher Education Institution*
5. Which Admission Briefing session do you plan to join in?*【多选题】
Zoom meeting ID for all sessions: 872 503 3351
You are welcomed to join in any session of the admission briefing meetings.
17:00-19:00, December 15, Thursday (Beijing Time) for European Countries
17:00-19:00, December 16, Friday (Beijing Time) for Asian Countries
15:00-17:00, December 20, Tuesday (Beijing Time) for African Countries
16:00-18:00, December 22, Thursday (Beijing Time) for Thailand
6. What major do you want to study at UCAS school/CAS institute?*
7. What academic degree do you plan to pursue (master's or doctoral)?*