WAEF 2023 Volunteer Form 志愿者申请表

Welcome to The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) 2023

Contact: waef2023@inspirees.com
联系我们: waef2023@inspirees.com
1.Basic personal information 个人基本信息【Please select 1-5 item】
Name 姓名
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Country 国家
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Organization 单位
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Email 电子邮箱
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Other contact information 其他联系方式
2.Which summits would you like to work in? 您想参与志愿者工作的峰会是?【Please select 1-4 item】
Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy 舞蹈治疗
Creative Movement 创意舞动
LBMS/MPA 拉班/芭特妮芙动作系统
Authentic Movement 真实动作
3.Which role/work are you interested in? Please indicate that your skills, experiences and qualification related to the above work you are interested in. For translator, please indicate your working languages.  您对哪种工作内容/角色感兴趣?(请补充相关技能、经验和资质。如果是翻译,请说明精通的语言)【Please select 1-4 item】
Translation 翻译
Marketing (graphic design, video editing, social media, website/newsletter) 市场(平面设计、视频制作、社交媒体、网站/推文)
Event communication coordination 活动沟通协调
Technical support (Zoom or other tools/platform) 技术支持(ZOOM或其他工具/平台)
Editorial assistant (coordination with authors, proofreading) 编辑助理(与作者协调、校对讲稿)
Others 其他
4. In order to let us know more about you, please introduce more information about you, such as your current study or work organization.为了让我们对您有更多的了解,请介绍自己更多的信息,如您现在学习或工作的组织。
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