WAEF 2023 Sponsor Form 赞助商申请表

Welcome to The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) 2023

Contact: waef2023@inspirees.com
1. Basic personal information 个人基本信息*【Please select 5-6 item】
Name 姓名
required field 必填
Country 国家
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Organization/Department 组织/机构
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Position 职务
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Email 电子邮箱
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Other contacts with organizational responsibilities within the organization 其他联系方式
2. What kind/level of sponsorship are you interested in? Please indicate details. 您倾向哪种类型/级别的赞助?请补充具体内容*【Please select 1-4 item】
Donate books/videos 捐赠书籍/视频
Sponsor event tickets 赞助活动门票
Sponsor ads (Forum tickets, website, newsletter) 赞助广告(论坛门票、网站、推文)
Others 其他
3. What type of advertisement strategies would you utilize? Please indicate details. 您计划投放哪种类型的广告?可补充具体内容*【Please select 1-5 item】
Promotion of my organization/institution 宣传组织/机构/单位
University program 高校教育项目
Private training program 私人培训项目
Research project 科研项目
Others 其他
4. What is the contribution you are able to make for sponsorship? Please indicate details. 您倾向赞助的预算是多少?可补充具体内容*
200 USD 1500人民币左右
500 USD 3500元人民币左右
1000 USD 8000元人民币左右
Over 1000 USD 高于7000人民币
5. Other suggestions 其他建议
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