Solize| Engineer position 2023

■□PR Message
As a pioneer in 3D design, we contribute to the world of Japanese manufacturing through engineering services related to the design and analysis of various products such as automobiles. Since our establishment in 1990, we have worked with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers.
We have accumulated a vast amount of CAD design know-how, trained engineers both inside and outside the company, and promoted the development of a comprehensive 3D system.

■□Business Overview
SOLIZE has expanded and grown its business in the areas of 3D CAD design analysis and model-based development (MBD), 3D printing, and product development innovation consulting.
We do almost everything related to product development. Synergies generated beyond each business can lead to new technologies, new ideas and ways of working. As a result, we can provide new value to our customers.
For engineers, there is a wide range of future career paths to choose which work suits them and which work they want to do.
We aim to achieve sustainable growth while anticipating changes in the world and incorporating future technologies. For this reason, we continue to invest in research and development of technologies and training of engineers.
We're an engineering company, a people and technology company. We want to be a company where engineers can work actively. The growth of engineers is the growth of SOLIZE. We at SOLIZE have that environment in place.

What we do

At SOLIZE, engineers with CAD, CAE, MBD and 3D printers support product development from design and analysis to prototyping and production preparation.
In order to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers, we will form a team with them based on SOLIZE's unique visualization and quantification technologies, and carry out a transformation cycle from actions to measurement of effects and establishment of business sites.
SOLIZE provides "transformative power" by leveraging its technological capabilities cultivated over many years.
In addition, SOLIZE partners with various partner companies to provide solutions and add value to customers' product development by selling, maintaining, and consulting on the introduction of 3D printers and software.

Partner Companies
Nissan Motor, Honda R&D, Suzuki Motor, SUBARU, DAIHATSU, and other major Car and Manufacturing Companies.

There is a culture in which employees are evaluated for their willingness to take on challenges. For example, an employee who has developed the skills of an engineer proposes an education system to further improve the skills of employees. This was recognized, and I was involved in the technical education of engineers, and I was able to pass down skills and establish an education system. We also actively recruit the opinions of young employees.

・Design Engineer (Mechanical Design)
From design and design to consulting and the construction of labor-saving tools, we provide services in the form of contract development, dispatch of engineers, and offshore engineering (India and China) to meet customers' development needs.

■□Application Requirements

・Major in Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and related Engineering fields
・New Graduates and Experienced (~Junior Level)
・Japanese (Intermediate Level)


Bachelor's degree JP ¥ 230,000/month
Master's degree  JP ¥ 240,000/month
Doctor's degree JP ¥ 250,000/month

VISA acquisition cost support by the company
Initial travel expenses to Japan
Full payment of transportation expenses
Overtime allowance
Various rewards
Preparation for moving
Business trip allowance

■□Working Locations
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Aichi, Osaka and client’s companies.

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