Hotel Reservation -- ICoME 2023

Dear ICoME 2023 attendees, we are honored to host you for our upcoming “International Conference for Media in Education” scheduled to be held at Wenzhou University, Wenzhou, China during August 16-18, 2023. This survey is for those who need help with hotel reservations during the conference. The survey information is only for the internal statistics of the conference preparatory team, and will not leak any of your information. Thank you!
1. Name(Name on your passport)
*中国国籍者请填写身份证和护照上的姓名如,张三 ZHANG SAN*
2. Passport ID*中国国籍者请填写身份证号码或护照号码*
3. Nationality国籍*
4. Affiliation (工作单位) (e.g., Wenzhou University)*
5. Email电子邮箱*
6. Phone Number电话号码*
7. Check-in Date (入住日期)*
8. Check-out Date(退房日期*
9. Room type(预定房间类型*
* On-site payment on the check-in day 办理入住手续当天现场支付
A. Sotel Inn Cultura Hotel-Double Room (288 YUAN)(索特来文艺酒店大床房 人民币288元)
B. Sotel Inn Cultura Hotel-Twin Room (288 YUAN)(索特来文艺酒店双床房 人民币288元)
C. Maison New Century Hotel-Double Room (338 YUAN)(开元名庭酒店大床房 人民币338元)
D. Maison New Century Hotel-Twin Room (338 YUAN)(开元名庭酒店双床房 人民币338元)
10. Roommate information, if any. (Name + Passport ID; e.g., LI SI+E12345678)
* Only one of the stayers need to fill out the form (同一房间只需一名入住者填写问卷).