WAEF 2023 Presenter Form 发言者申请表

The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) 2023
世界艺术身心学论坛 WAEF 2023

Deadline of submission: Oct 23, 2022
Notification of acceptance of proposals: Nov 13, 2022

Contact: waef2023@inspirees.com
联系我们: waef2023@inspirees.com
Basic personal information 个人基本信息【Please select 1-5 item】
Name 姓名
required field 必填
Country 国家
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Email 电子邮箱
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Organization 单位
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Other contact information 其他联系方式
I would like to offer 我想提供的是:【Please select 1-4 item】
Presentation 报告 (± 25 min)
Workshop 工作坊 (± 75 min)
Panel discussion/Key conversation 圆桌讨论 (± 90 min)
Art performance 艺术表演 (± 60 min)
Timing includes Q&A, actual time depending on the online/in-person format and final programs. 发言时间包含问答环节,最后发言时间根据各场峰会线上/线下形式以及具体日程安排而定。
Which summits would you like to present in? 您感兴趣的峰会是?【Please select 1-4 item】
Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy 舞蹈治疗
Creative Movement 创意舞动
LBMS/MPA 拉班/芭特妮芙动作体系
Authentic Movement 真实动作
Which topics you will focus on? 您聚焦的主题是?【Please select 1-3 item】
History 历史
Theory 理论
Education (including pedagogy) 教育(包括教学法)
Clinical application 临床应用
Community 社区
Indigenous healing 本土疗愈
Ecology 生态学
Performance 表演
Social justice 社会公正
Wellbeing 幸福感
Spirituality 精神性
Professional practice 专业实践
Leadership 领导力
Others 其他
The Language you feel comfortable to present  您可以使用的发言语言【Please select 1-3 item】
English 英语
Chinese 中文
Italian 意大利语
Other language 其他语言
The title of your presentation/workshop/performance/panel 您发言/表演的题目/名称
Short introduction of your session (3000 characters including the spaces,English only). Please note that group workshops are encouraged. Only one submission will be accepted for each group proposal received. Stating in your abstract: 

1. Description of the session
2. Aims and goals - to clearly state the focus of the session
3. Learning objectives for participants or contemporary relevance
4. Format and method/s of engagement (experiential, breakout room, props and any technical requirements)

If your proposal is accepted, this abstract will be published in the conference proceedings. Please don’t include the commercial self-promotion content in the abstract. Video, publication and website links are encouraged if there are any.


1. 发言/工作坊/圆桌讨论/表演描述
2. 目标(清晰说明发言焦点)
3. 参与者的收获
4. 取得目标的方法和形式(比如个人体验、分组讨论、参与者自备道具等,并说明有无特殊技术要求)

Your bio (within 50 words, English only) 您的个人简介 (50字以内,仅限英语)
I am aware and agree that my abstract might be edited by the editorial team of the organizer to meet the requirement and format of the proceedings, and my session will be recorded to be accessed by the forum participants afterwards from the organizer's database. 我知晓并同意我的论文及发言摘要可能由组织方编辑团队编辑,以满足会议的要求和格式。同时,我的发言/表演会被录像,之后论坛参会者可通过组织方的资料库在线观看回放。
I am aware and agree. 我知晓并同意。
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