AI Song Cover Voice Model Preferences Collection

We created this questionnaire to collect from you the voices you like, you will see what you want within 48 hours.
What voices do you want, please fill in here (We'll have the character you want online within 48 hours.)
.Why do you use cover products【Multiple】
To hear my favorite stars singing
To be entertained
To make short videos
How often do you use cover products?
Only this time
A few times a month
Use it every day
Are you satisfied with the cover?
☆ (Very bad)
☆☆ (Poor)
☆☆☆ (Moderate)
☆☆☆☆☆ (Perfect)
Do you have a social media account for posting cover videos【Multiple】
We'd love to follow your work if you'd like to leave an account!
Yeah, I post covers on Youtube.
Yeah, I post covers on TikTok.
Yeah, I post covers on Twitter.
Yeah, I post covers on Facebook.
No, I don't post any cover videos.
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