CGP 2023 Career Outlook Survey for Employees | 职场展望调研【雇员版】

You would rate your work-life balance as:
Excellent | 非常好
Good | 好
Fair | 一般
Poor | 差
Very poor | 非常差
The attendance arrangement you prefer is:
Fully remote/WFH | 完全远程/居家办公
Flexible in arranging working remotely/WFH or in office by yourself | 可以自由选择远程/居家或办公室办公
Arranging working remotely/WFH and in office with rules or plans | 有规定/计划地安排远程/居家与办公室办公
Such as working in office in AB shifts, and 1-2 days working remotely/WFH per week, etc.
Fully in office | 完全在办公室办公
You would rate your current salary as:
Below average benchmark | 低于市场平均值
At average benchmark | 处于市场平均值
Above average benchmark | 高于市场平均值
When considering a career move, you would expect a compensation increase to be:
Less than 5% | 低于5%
5% -10%
10% -20%
Over 20% | 高于20%
The top 3 priorities you consider when making a career move is:
当您换工作时,优先考虑的3个因素是:*【Please select 1-3 item】
Career promotion space | 职业晋升空间
Compensation and benefits | 薪资福利
Culture | 企业文化
Flexibility | 工作灵活度
Interests and passion for the work | 对工作内容的兴趣和热情
Management Style | 领导管理方式
Opportunities to work with top talents | 与优秀的人公事的机会
Space to fully play your abilities | 充分发挥能力的空间
Stable environment | 稳定的工作环境
Training and improvement | 培训与提升
Work-life balance | 工作与生活平衡
Workplace location | 公司地理位置
Others | 其他
Your current attitude towards a new opportunity is:
I am looking for new opportunities. | 我正在寻找新机会。
I am stable with current job but open to new opportunities. | 我目前工作稳定,但有合适的机会也会考虑。
I am not open to new opportunities. | 我不考虑新的工作机会。
Your biggest career aspiration in 2023 is:
Promotion and/or salary increase | 升职加薪
Find a better job | 找到一份更理想的工作
Lead my team better | 更好地管理自己的团队
Improve work performance | 达成更高业绩
Own my own company | 创立自己的公司
Realize work-life balance | 实现工作与生活的平衡
Others | 其他
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