E 2021年新员工入职安全培训考试(英文)

2021 new employee induction safety training exam
1、 It is forbidden to place surplus materials, tools, parts and garbage on the scaffolding board to avoid falling and hurting people。禁止在脚手板上摆放余料、工具、零件和垃圾,以免坠落伤人。 *
2、 Safety warning signs and fire extinguishing equipment placed on-site in various operating areas of the company shall not be used for any other purpose。在公司内各作业区现场挂贴的安全警示标志以及放置的消防灭火器材,任何人不得随便移做他用。 *
3、 After the fire approval is completed, safety measures and special guardianship should be implemented before operation。动火审批结束后,应落实安全措施和专人监护方可作业。 *
4、 The speed limit for vehicles entering the company's gates, workshops, warehouses, and turning is 10km / h。车辆进入公司大门、车间、库房、转弯限速为10km/h。 *
5、 It is generally forbidden to climb up and down docks or hulls by using cherry pickers, but you can do that if you are equipped with safety harness。一般严禁使用高空液压车攀爬上下船坞、船体,但安全带系好的时候可以。 *
6、 During the production process, if the safety protection device cause inconvenience to the operation, it could be omitted or removed。在生产过程中,发现安全防护装置对操作带来不便,可以不用或者拆除。 *
7、Among various warning signs, red color means ()。公司警示标识中,红色标识的含义是() 。 *
8、The color code of CO2 pipeline and hose specified by the company is ()。公司规定的二氧化碳管道及皮带颜色色标为() *
9、When entering the company gate, workshop, warehouse, or turning, the vehicle speed limit is within ( ) km / h?进入公司大门、车间、库房,或是转弯、调头时,车辆限速在()km/h以内? *
10、The maximum speed of small cars in shipyard is( )?小型汽车在厂区行驶最高时速为()? *
11、The maximum distance between two scaffolding boards is( )?两脚手板之间的最大间距为()? *
12、Which of the following methods of extinguishing a fire is wrong after you catch fire()?身上着火后,下列哪种灭火的方法时错误的?() *
13、In airtight containers at risk of electric shock, use() portable lamps。在有触电危险的舱室和密闭容器内,使用()安全照明灯。 *
14、After an accident occurs at the job site, you should immediately call the company's alarm phone with your mobile phone () and actively participate in the accident rescue。作业现场发生事故后,应立即用手机拨打公司报警电话(),并积极参与开展事故救援。 *
15、The company shall truthfully inform employees of the existence of (), precautionary measures, and emergency measures in the workplace。依据《安全生产法》,生产经营单位应当向从业人员如实告知作业场所和工作岗位存在的()、防范措施以及事故应急措施。 *
16、Do not wear() when working in flammable or explosive places。在易燃易爆场所作业不得穿戴()。 *
17、For flat cars on wide, free, and well-viewed roads, the maximum speed must not exceed () for ensuring traffic safety。平板车遇宽阔、空闲、视线良好的道路,在保证交通安全的原则下, 最高速度不得超过()。 *
18、Workers have the right to refuse ( )。从业人员有权拒绝 和 ()。 *
19、In the workplace where welding operations are performed, which one can not be used to extinguish fire ( )。在电焊作业的工作场所,不能设置的防火器材是()。 *
20、Working at a height of ( ) meter(s) or more from the working reference plane is a high-altitude operation。距离作业基准面()米及以上高度进行作业,属于高处作业。 *
21、The correct method of hanging the harness is( )?安全带的正确挂扣方法是()。 *
22、Never use a cutting torch for lighting or warming in a confined space because it may cause( )?禁止在有限空间内用割刀照明或取暖,因为可能引起( )? *
23、Safety guideline of the company is ( )。 公司的安全方针是()。 *
24、Regarding the use of helmets, what is incorrect is( )。关于安全帽使用,不正确的是()。 *
25、During suspended platform related work, safety harness should be hung in()?船坞里船旁吊蓝作业人员安全带应该挂在() ? *
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